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Erma Cakes Confectionery

Erma CakesWhen fragrant homemade pastries appear at your table, the usual tea ceremony becomes a holiday. It’s no wonder, that these sweets, which are specially made in a small family factory, can be called a real cure for stress!

Erma Cakes offers a wide range of products that are in great demand among the regular customers who appreciate the high quality of baking and preparation of  confectionery delicacies. According to the Cypriot tradition, you should finish your meal with a variety of sweets.

Erma Cakes occupies a special place in the manufacturing of sweets in Cyprus because all its products are handmade: cakes and sweets products without the addition of coloring agents, emulsifiers and other chemical additives.

Erma Cakes uses only high-quality ingredients, and the range of them will satisfy every true lover of sweets. Erma Cakes owner’s policy is based on the creation of exclusive products of the highest quality at the lowest prices. Especially popular among Erma Cakes customers are 3D cakes that can be ordered for a wedding, birthday, banquet or other events.


Erma CakesErma CakesErma Cakes

Erma Cakes can be your reliable partner who cares about the quality of the products, aims to offer an affordable price for customers, always keeps up with the wishes for special sweet creations and is a good judge of such a delicate matter, as the production of sweets is. Erma Cakes is ready to provide a variety of sweets as well as savory traditional pies with olives and halloumi on your special day.

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