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Weather in Cyprus in June

Air temperature
25 - 28ос
Water temperature
20 - 25ос

If you try to find flaws in Cyprus in June, you are likely to fail. Cyprus blossoms in full force! The cheerful smiles of local residents and visitors to the island adorn the streets. Ayia Napa and Protaras awaken, abandoned during the winter months. The hotels and restaurants have already completed their final preparations for the new season and the souvenir shops are opening their doors to welcome the many tourists.

June in Cyprus is a joyful beginning of the summer fun. Nature still keeps a tender,spring, lush greenery, not yet scorched by the scorching summer sun, pleasing to the eye, and the air is filled with scents of flowering trees. It is in June, the season in which watermelons in Cyprus begin, while strawberries continue to appear in fruit markets; the air is filled with aromas of ripe melons and on the shelves ripe cherries also begin to appear.

Air and sea temperature in Cyprus in June

June's fruit in CyprusAt the beginning of June, Cyprus does not reach sweltering heat temperatures, however, the sun claims rights closer to the middle of the month. Typically, daytime temperatures in Cyprus in June are about +25°С — +28°C.

At night it can still be cool (average temperature  +17°С — +20°C), with the sea breeze which can blow quite naughtily, so warm clothes and light jackets will do, if you want to wander in the twilight on the beach or spend the evening in a seaside restaurant, not to mention an evening trip to the mountains.

During the morning in the sky you can still see small clouds, but usually they go away by  9-10 o’clock. At the first half of June, Cyprus hardly has any precipitation, so compared to resorts in Bulgaria you will not lose time trying to overcome the bad weather in the hotel or apartment.

Compared to the resorts in Spain and Italy, the sea in Cyprus in June is warmer. This is especially true for the beaches of Ayia Napa and Protaras. The sea at the end of June warms up to +23°С — +24°C, so children and adults can splash around with delight in the warm waves.

June Weather in Ayia Napa

This is the first month of summer and those who love the summer holidays will appreciate its excellent weather – hot but not that exhausting heat yet.

The average daily temperature reaches 30°C and the night temperature stays around 19°C. At the beginning of June the sea water warms to 20°C — 22°C, and by the end of the month it’s around + 24°C, a very comfortable temperature for swimming

Dancing in the tavernWeather in Protaras in June

Protaras in June has cloudless skies and practically no chance of rain. June is when the sea starts to warm up significantly in Cyprus. Now is the best time for sailing, much less exhausting than in July-August.

For people who love hiking, we recommend morning walks in the Cape Greco National Forest Park.

Weather in Larnaca in June

Larnaca in June is a time for a variety of sporting events and festivals (Larnaca Cyprus Affiche has a detailed schedule of upcoming events). Beaches are working full force, as the summer nightclubs open their doors to visitors.

The sea temperature in Larnaca at the end of June rises to 26°C. Daytime temperatures can reach 30°C, and it’s unlikely to fall below 19°C at night.

Dasoudi Beach in LimassolWeather in Limassol in June

In the central port city of Cyprus in June there are long hot days and relatively short, cool nights with a packed lively club scene.

Daytime temperatures in Limassol range from 25°C to 27°C. The temperature of the sea rises significantly, the sun is shining, and the skies are clear. It can still be windy at the beginning of June in Limassol, but these winds are not as cold as the ones in May so their presence will help you feel more comfortable on the beach.

Weather in Paphos in June

Paphos in June has the type of weather you’d expect for summer in the south of Cyprus. Traditionally the temperature in Paphos is 1-2 degrees less than, say, Limassol or Larnaca.

There is a slight possibility of rain early in the month in Paphos, and sea temperatures in June can warm up to +24°C.

Festivals in Cyprus in June

Cyprus in JuneThe most known and largest festival in Cyprus in June is the “Water Festival” or Kataklismos. With pagan roots, today Kataklysmos is associated with the Christian celebration in honor of the Holy Spirit (the day after the Holy Trinity) – details in our article. In 2014 Kataklysmos was celebrated on 9th June.

On this day in the churches in Cyprus hold a panegyric service. After the service the procession goes to the waterfront. For example, in Larnaca at the famous Finikudes seafront. Priests perform a prayer service, after which the finally throw the cross into the sea. Immediately then, desperate men jump in with cries of joy and rush into the water to get the cross from the bottom of the sea. The lucky one who manages to get it first, becomes the king of the day. The winner gets the priest’s blessing and is handed the crown, decorated with shells, seaweed and rocks. Now it is he who utters loudly the celebratory cry: “Everyone in the water!”

On Kataklismos day nobody stays dry: the water is a symbol of cleansing therefore each participant must bathe in the waters to undergo their own private ceremony. Cypriots, happy as children dive into the water right with their clothes and shoes.

When they have enough enjoyment with the water treatments, they all come ashore and dry up, where the fun continues! The tables are crammed with luxurious Cypriot sweets and national dishes. The wine flows like water, and at the seafront fairs, local craftsmen offer handmade products and a variety of souvenirs.

The evening begins with the sound of joyful music, continues when the Greek Cypriots start to dance and ends with the action of fireworks at night.

In June, Cyprus holds several interesting events: the church feast of Peter and Paul (29th June), the Shakespeare Festival at Kurion Theatre and the Ancient Drama Festival in Paphos.

Mass celebrations on the day of Peter and Paul are held in Paphos. The Apostle Paul is especially loved and respected in the ancient capital of Cyprus. The visit of the Apostle Paul in Paphos is mentioned in the Gospel (Acts. 13: 4-12).

The Shakespeare Festival is a spectacular sight in the open air. the”Night of Shakespeare” is an annual charity event. All the action takes place in the ancient theater of Kourion (near the beach). In the vast open area – an ancient amphitheater; here you can enjoy eternal Shakespeare’s plays, contemplating the eternal beauty of the landscape.


mountain paths in Junea traditional Cypriot dancer

Equally captivating theatrical performances are held in Paphos as well. On summer evenings in the outdoor Greek Theatre in Paphos, candlelight viewers witness a dramatic representation of the scene. The festival takes place from June to August in the Ancient Odeon of Paphos; and although the plays are played in Greek, it is a spectacle worth seeing.

Cyprus in June: Prices

At the beginning of June, the prices for holidays in Cyprus are slightly lower than in July or August. Since the beginning of July until mid-August the prices for charter flights from Russia and accommodation in Cyprus are the highest. Therefore, if you not only want to relax during this beautiful season, but also save money, you should select the first half of June.

During this period the prices for hotels in Cyprus are about 15-20% lower than in July and August. In addition, you can further save by taking advantage of early booking services in February and March, when many tour operators from Russia make a discount of 10-20% of the declared price.


outdoor restaurantsevents in Juneevents in JuneKataklysmos festival

The prices of fruits, of meals in restaurants and events in Cyprus in June are comparable with May. But I want to note that in June, a selection of restaurants and entertainment will be much wider.

Weddings in Cyprus

weddings in CyprusJune is one of the most popular month for weddings in Cyprus. Where else but on the island of the goddess of love, can you spend the most romantic day of your life?! Most of the hotels in Cyprus organize luxurious wedding events for locals and visitors on the island, in June.

The cost of a wedding in Cyprus will depend on whether you are planning a formal ceremony or only direct celebrations. The average price of a wedding in Cyprus is from 1,100 to 5,000 euros (the price includes an informal ceremony, photography, makeup artist, bridal bouquet for bride and groom and a buffet for 20-30 people).

Many offer exclusive options as well: the organization of an official ceremony at the birthplace of Aphrodite, Cyprus Junegrecheskaya wedding ceremony fruit, rainbow and marine themes. The cost of organizing such weddings range from 4,000 to 6,000 euros. It all depends on your imagination and budget.

The pros of a holiday in Cyprus in June:

  • the sunny weather without the sweltering heat;
  • the bright natural colors;
  • the cost of the tour and a number of entertainment are lower than in July and August;
  • the opportunity to participate in the great summer festivals.

Guest Reviews about the weather in June

Dear travellers! Were you in Cyprus in June? How did you find the weather? Did you make any surprising discoveries you would like share? If so, please give us your feedback on the weather in the comments below.

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