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Weather in Cyprus in April

Air temperature
20 - 22ос
Water temperature
18 - 20ос

The heady aroma of flowers, the delicate sound of the mountain streams and the scent of blooming jasmine and lemon are not all what will delight you in Cyprus in April! Despite the fact that bathing in the sea is like swimming in warm milk, you can still only dream of spring in Cyprus – a fairy tale in which everyone can participate.

Air and sea temperature in Cyprus in April

In the afternoon the air is warmed up to +25°C ( the average daily temperature is +20°С — +22°C), and leisurely strolls along the beach are comfortable. It is still cool enough at night (+10°С — +13°C) so enjoy the starry sky comfortably and dressed warmly.

The season tourists are already swimming in the sea in the end of April, with the water temperature at around +18°С — +20°C. For many of us it is almost summer.

Rainfall in Cyprus in April-May is a rare phenomenon. Some vacations can be overshadowed by brief sandstorms coming from Africa.

What attracts tourists in Cyprus in April?

prickly pearsFirst of all, the island has few tourists.

Secondly, in April the sea water is so clean that it is possible to swim to a depth of a few meters, see shells and get them off the bottom.

Thirdly, the local exotic fruits begin to ripen: mango, guava, edible cactus fruit – this is not a complete list of dishes that you will appreciate onthe island in spring.

And, finally, all the entertainment venues begin to work in April, including water parks, a visit to which will delight both, children and adults.

Weather in Ayia Napa in April

Despite the fact that April is not yet the tourist season in Ayia Napa and Southern Cyprus, the weather gets warm enough to enjoy the sun and the sea, especially towards the end of the month.

It hardly ever rains in April in Ayia Napa, and most of the days are sunny. Warm clothes are no longer required, and sunbathers can burn in just a few hours.

Despite the fact that the average daily temperature is 22°C there is still a significant difference between day and night temperatures, so don’t forget to bring a jacket or sweater for walking at night.

Weather in Protaras in April

Cyprus cat

April in Protaras marks the beginning of the summer season: all the hotels are open, as well as souvenir shops and restaurants. Sunbeds and umbrellas are set out on the beaches, and the first tourists can already begin enjoying the sea.

Day and night air temperatures increase, but there is still a cool wind and chance of rain. Sea ​​temperature rises to 18°C, allowing vacationers to swim in coastal waters on the beautiful beaches of Protaras.

Weather in Larnaca in April

You will appreciate the warm days and cool evenings in Larnaca in April when the holiday season in Cyprus comes into its own rights.

The chance of rain is slim, and on sunny days beach-lovers can take advantage of the city’s beaches. But despite the fact that the sea temperature has increased to +18°C it’s still not warm enough for an extended stay in the water. The average daily temperature in Larnaca is kept at around 20°C, rising to +23°C by midday.

Marina LimassolWeather in Limassol in April

April is a comfortable month to visit Limassol. The streets are starting to fill with tourists in shorts and T-shirts, beaches and cafes come alive.

There is warm sunshine almost every day in Cyprus, and in the evenings you can enjoy the clear starry sky. It does occasionally rain in April but, as a rule, these are just light showers.

Weather in Paphos in April

In April the weather significantly improves in Paphos. The number of sunny days considerably outnumbers the cloudy.

But in spite of the warm weather (by European standards), there is often a cold wind blowing. In the evenings you should not require a warm sweater or jacket. The average daily temperature rises to 21°C; minimum night temperatures can drop to +11°C.

Festivals in Cyprus in April

One of the most popular holidays in Cyprus is Easter – the Holy Resurrection, usually in April. Easter in Cyprus is truly massive: within an exciting action, solemn religious ceremonies, theatrical performances and ancient traditions are closely intertwined. If you are lucky enough to be on the island in April, you will no doubtly remember this wonderful holiday with an unusual warmth.

Easter night is categorically impossible to miss! By midnight, you go to the nearest church, where you will be able to join the religious procession, and then … While in the church there is holy liturgy, in the streets something indescribable begins: burning fires, exploding fireworks, the sound of laughter and joy literally overtake the island!


flaounes- a traditional Easter baked foodEaster in Cyprussouvla- a must on the Easter table
Sleep and then go for a walk on the street. Easter Sunday find the streets of the cities Cyprus empty. It is a time of Easter family feasts, which in Cyprus are always very abundant. The main meat treat becomes the lamb: lamb baked whole or stewed,  barbecued or kleftiko. A dish of mutton will certainly be present at each table as the Lamb – it is a symbol of Easter even since the liberation of the people of ancient Israel from the  Egyptian bondage.
In the evening the festivities continue!

Cyprus' tulipsIn April one of the most colorful festivals in Cyprus is held  – the Tulip Festival. The centre of the festival is a village’s field located 20 km from Paphos. The village is famous for its vineyards, almond and apricot orchards, but what brought great fame to it is the tulips, which are the true pride of the local residents.

Polemi (Polemi) and the nearby village Stroumbi are the only places in Cyprus, which grow wild tulips in abundance. They are bright red in color, with a characteristic elongated shape of the petals and a black spot with a yellow border in the middle. Because of this unusual color, these tulips are called “flowers with sun-shine eyes”. The first red leaved flowers appear at the end of March and the beginning of May almost all tulips wither.

They say that the flowers were brought to Cyprus in the Ottoman period. Then it was a lucrative business: the flowers were grown for export to other countries, including the Netherlands. The Association for the Protection of tulips is now established  in Polemi, preserving plants and renting areas from the village to grow whole fields of flowers.

As a rule, the festival is held in mid-April. The program of the festival includes music and dances at the central village square, a festive meal and a walk in the valley of the roses.

Prices in Cyprus in April

the beachThe price for a holiday in Cyprus in April is higher than in winter time, however the cost of hotel rooms and apartments will rise more later – at the beginning of May, when the  tourists from Russia flock to the island for the long-awaited May holidays.

Hotel prices depend not only on the level of the hotel, but also on its location. Traditionally, holidays in Larnaca and Protaras are cheaper than in Limassol and Paphos. Prices for a room at a 5 * hotel in April is around 200-250 euros per room. The cost of air travel from Moscow or St. Petersburg is about 15,000 rubles for a  “round – trip” with regular flights. Charter flights to Cyprus begin only at the end of April.

The cost of trips and meals in restaurants in Cyprus doesn’t depend much on the season. Therefore, as in the other months, the cost of a visit to a local tavern is about 30-40 euros per person, and the price of tours range from 40 to 60 euro per person.

If you need a break from the rainy spring, common to most of the Russian and English regions in April, if you want to enjoy the beautiful spring flavors, admire the lush island, to plunge into the crystal clear sea, then April in Cyprus is waiting for you.

Guest Reviews about the weather in April

Dear travellers! Were you in Cyprus in April? How did you find the weather? Did you make any surprising discoveries you would like share? If so, please give us your feedback on the weather in the comments below.

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