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Weather in Cyprus in December

Air temperature
14 - 16ос
Water temperature
18 - 20ос

Winter strawberries Movement, energy and passion. It is with these concepts I associate the island to, in the last calendar month of the year. It is as if you put on 3D glasses, and the world flat and monotonous ( the monotonous blue sea, blue sky and bright sun ) becomes three-dimensional. The sky is decorated with fabulous clouds – from dazzling white to blue-black stormy ones. The sea reflects the sky, playing with the patches of sunlight and the mighty rolling waves with the white crests. The wind shows its true self, easily bending palm trees and tossing the waves of the sea with a crash to the shore.

December is a magical month, when it comes to the children’s favorite holiday – Christmas. All the cities are decorated with Christmas trees, garlands and snowmen. In the air you can sense the excitement and anticipation of the holiday.

December is the time for gifts, fun and joy without borders …

December is the season of fresh citrus fruit and, of course, strawberries! Fresh berries appear in supermarkets in the first week of December  encouraging buyers to purchase them for the preparations for the New Year!

Air and sea temperature in Cyprus in December

the stormy sea during DecemberThe daytime temperatures range from  +14°С — +19° . At night, it gets colder at about +9°С — +11°C. It should be noted that Cyprus’ +19°C is not Londons’s +19°C.

Do not forget that winter came around to cool off the sea, while the northern cyclones arbare cold air masses from Europe. Sweaters and jackets are a must during walks.When going to the mountains, you should definitely consider taking a warm hat and gloves.

Regular rains begin, but do not fear them. Rainfall in Cyprus is not prolonged: clouds dissipate as rapidly as coming and winter storms at night just make you wrap yourself more tightly in a warm blanket, pressed closer to your loved one.

In December, the first cold also appears. The arctic cyclones sometimes bring cold air, and the temperature drops to +5°C. For the seaside resorts it’s cold! Humidity and wind enhance the effect, so when planning a trip to Cyprus in the winter, despite the rosy predictions, be sure to take warm clothing with you, especially if you are planning a trip to the mountains.

The brave ones continue to swim. If you continue your daily summer swims even after summertime, it is possible to train the body to gradually get used to the lower temperatures of the water, reaching a minimum of +18°C in December; it is invigorating!

In December, the first snow arrives in the mountains. The air temperature is around +5°С — +10°C. But it’s not the time for skiing season in Cyprus yet, the ski season starts in January; this is the time to run smoothly under the swirling white flakes and to play in the snow – the fun available in December.

Storm in Cyprus

Weather in Ayia Napa in December

Limassol in December

December is one of the coldest periods in Ayia Napa. The tourists have departed, beaches are deserted, and most of the restaurants are closed. According to the statistics, December in Ayia Napa is the wetest month of winter.

Despite the cold weather December in Ayia Napa is one of the most beautiful seasons for hiking. Cape Greco National Park is close to Ayia Napa, where you can find many hiking trails.

The average daytime temperature at the beginning of December is 18°C and +17°C at the end of the month. The average night temperature in December is +9°C.

Weather in Protaras in December

Busy in the hot summer, Protaras becomes a ghost town in December, but it doesn’t mean can’t stay in this resort in the south of Cyprus.

The water temperature is cooler than previous months and drops to +20°C. The average air temperature during December hovers at around +14°C, increasing to an average maximum of 18°C, which is enough to spend time outdoors. The only drawback of visiting Protaras in December is that it is the wettest month of the year.

Larnaca in DecemberWeather in Larnaca in December

Larnaca is a popular beach resort and is the perfect place to relax if you want to enjoy the warm weather over the Christmas holidays. Daytime air temperatures at this time of year stabilise at around 15°C — 17°C and the sun is still bright despite a significant amount of daily rain.

The night temperature falls at the end of December to +9°C and the sea temperature in Larnaca is around +20°C.

Weather in Limassol in December

Limassol in DecemberUnlike most other resort towns, the winter season in Limassol never stops. Almost all hotels, restaurants and cafes are still open.

The Mediterranean climate means an average air temperature in Cyprus in winter of +13°C. December’s daytime temperatures in Limassol can reach +19°C, and at night drop to +9°C. Limassol’s sea temperature in December fluctuates at around +19°C.

Weather in Paphos in December

Paphos in December is the most humid city on the southern coast of Cyprus.

The average sea temperature in December here falls to an average of 9°C, becoming quite cold for swimming. The temperature continues to fall and can show a maximum daytime reading of +19°C and at night a minimum of 10°C.

Entertainment in Cyprus in December

The Aphrodite Christmas Market In all of the cities in Cyprus Christmas markets ae organised. Almost daily, there are fairs organized in the open air, where you can buy souvenirs, wine, olive oil, jewellery. Street vendors sell traditional Loukoumades – balls of yeast dough, deep-fried and drenched with sweet honey syrup, barbecue, kleftiko and, of course, wine.

The water sports – diving, sailing and kite surfing – become even more exciting, with the additional wind and waves adding to the adrenaline.

Waiting for Christmas is a great time to travel around the Christian temples of Cyprus as well.

The animals in the Paphos Zoo (the largest in Cyprus) rest after the summer sun, and the zoo offers comfortable walks through its paths, without the fear of being exhausted from the heat.

The clubs and bars prepare their holiday programs. December is the time for touring and for pleasant surprises. Keep an eye out for Cyprus Events!

Some restaurants are closed for the winter, but do not worry – usually the best places work all winter, delighting the locals and the visitors on the island.


the Panorama at the old harbour in Paphos in December

Guest Reviews about the weather in December

Dear travellers! Were you in Cyprus in December? How did you find the weather? Did you make any surprising discoveries you would like share? If so, please give us your feedback on the weather in the comments below.

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