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Weather in Cyprus in August

Air temperature
30 - 37ос
Water temperature
25 - 28ос

Despite the heat and the holiday season throughout Europe, Cyprus is always popular among tourists from all over the world in August.

For those who love hot summer weather, endless night beach parties, who want to enjoy the summer fun to the full, should definitely visit the island in this month!

Air and sea temperature in Cyprus in August

the best place to be in August is the beachIn August, Cyprus is at its hottest peak. The daytime temperatures rise to + 35°C and + 38°C, and in the capital of the island – Nicosia – the temperatures can reach + 45°C.

The sea is more like warm milk, where even at night the water temperature does not drop below +27°C. If you are coming to Cyprus in August, you can forget about any warm clothing. Even at night you do not need nothing but a bathing suit, a colorful sarongs and a light sundress.

A prerequisite for a comfortable stay in Cyprus during August is the use of sunscreen at the beach. In the first days of your holidays you need to use a cream with a minimum protection factor of 30 for adults and 50 for children. Otherwise, you can turn into a ripe tomato.

If you still get sun-burned on the beach, then pay special attention to after-sun care products for sun-burns for domestic production (sold in almost every kiosk and cost about 8 euros). These lotions are made on the basis of aloe and help get rid of unpleasant sun-burns in 2-3 days.

Provided that you follow all precautions for the sun and enjoy the warm sea, in the evening you will certainly be enchanted by the magical attraction of the club life of the island. No wonder Cyprus and especially the resort of Ayia Napa is called the second Ibiza. Guests can enjoy the island’s endless foam parties right on the beach, try local wine and cocktails in night bars, stroll along the quays and generally dip into the vibrant nightlife of Cyprus.

Weather in Ayia Napa in August

The high tourist season in Ayia Napa begins in August where the average daily temperature reaches a tropical +36°C — +38°C and even the temperature at night is around 30°C.

There is almost no rain on the island in that month, and clouds in the sky are rare guests. The sea warms up to a balmy +28°C — +30°C.

Weather in Cape Greco and Protaras in August

Cape Greco

August is the hottest month in Protaras, with hardly any breeze and air conditioning a necessity.

August is a time of water fun, snorkelling and diving. For water lovers, there are the unique natural caves and clear turquoise waters surrounding Cape Greco, located a few kilometres from Protaras. A light breeze and the spray from the evening dancing fountains show is also delightful.

Weather in Larnaca in August

In August Larnaca hosts numerous beach parties and concerts with well-known DJs and performers. Be prepared for the gruelling heat and a tropical sea. The warm winds will please kite surfers and those who like windsurfing and sailing.

In August the sea temperature in Larnaca reaches +30°C. Low cloud cover and many hours of sun reduce the likelihood of rainfall to practically zero.

Weather in Limassol in AugustBus Cyprus Inform

August in Limassol is a time for water activities, packed beaches and tropical night parties where the thermometer rarely drops below +27 ° C.

Daytime temperatures can reach + 38°C — +40°C and the sea warms up to +28°C — +30°C. Excursions into the mountains offer respite from the sweltering heat.

Weather in Paphos in August

As a rule, the average temperature in Paphos in August is 1-3 degrees lower than in other coastal towns of southern Cyprus, which makes Paphos a favourite place for a holiday in the summer.

A markedly increased number of flights are laid on to Paphos airport, just 10 minutes drive from the popular Cypriot resort, and tourists pack out the hotels and beaches. The average daily temperature in Paphos is +36°C and the water +28°C.

How to have fun in Cyprus in August

Hot weather imposes certain restrictions on the set of entertainment. To participate in an excursion in August is quite difficult, as most tours last 8 hours and spending all day in the hot sun is hard enough.

Most tourists prefer a beach holiday with endless water entertainment, quiet evening walks or bright night parties.

Clubs in Cyprus are trying to diversify the summer program and offer guests a full range of entertainment, ranging from self-service cocktails to foam parties in the warm sea.

For example, you can visit the Limassol club Guaba, famous for its incendiary parties, during which you can relax on soft trestle beds right on the beach. Or Breeze Club, where, in addition to the excellent cuisine, which was developed under the direction of Novikova restaurants’ chef, you can enjoy the soft sand of one of the best bays in Limassol.


Breeze Summer ClubGuaba Beach Bar

For outdoor enthusiasts Cyprus offers the most interesting version of an entertainment program in August. Here you can do diving courses in most coastal hotels and resort towns, rent a yacht for a stroll in the Mediterranean Sea, go sea fishing and many other water sports.

Especially popular among the guests are the the island’s cruises to the Greek islands or to Israel.

The cruises to the Greek islands last from 3 to 7 days. Now these trips are only possible by individually rented boats. The cost of renting a yacht with a crew in Cyprus is from 2’500 to 20’000 euro per day depending on the class of vessel. During the cruise, you can visit Rhodes, Kos, Crete and Lesvos, as well as other less well-known islands, but not less scenic and interesting in the Mediterranean Sea.

In August you can go on a 2 – 3 day sea cruise from Cyprus to Israel. Cruise ships ply between June and October. During the tour, you can visit Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. The cost of the cruise ranges from 300 euros per person, including accommodation on the cruise ship, meals, excursions and port charges.

Prices in Cyprus in August

Enjoy your cocktail by the beachAugust prices in Cyprus are not “cost-free”; it is the most expensive season to stay in hotels. The cost of air travel to Cyprus in August also increases due to the large number of tourists. For example, the cost of regular flights in Cyprus can reach 500 euros for a one way ticket. The prices of charter flights during the summer is about the same and amounts to about 250 euro for a round trip.

The cost of dining and entertainment does not change during the summer season. However, the food in Cyprus is comparatively inexpensive in all seasons. For example, in the coastal restaurant Nissi Beach in Ayia Napa you can “grab a bite” from the abundant “buffet” for 16 euros per person. A bottle of local wine in a coastal cafe will cost 14-20 euros.

However, shoppers will enjoy huge discounts in stores, starting from the end of July and continue until near the end of August. During this period, discounts for goods are up to 70%.

Festivals in Cyprus in August

In the end of August in Limassol, one of the most famous festivals in Cyprus begins, the wine festival. However, all of the main events of the festival are held in September. It’s also necessary to pay attention to other equally interesting events.

In mid-August in many villages on the island (for example, in Lefkara and Omodos) the harvest festival begins – village festivals, where you will be given you the opportunity to experience the real Cypriot village life. Here you can listen to folk music and when you are done with the village dancing, admire the exhibition of flowers and food, as well as purchase works of folk art – silver, paintings and embroidery.


traditional Cypriot productsCypriot souvenirs

So, if you’re a big fan of the sea and the sun, then Cyprus will give you an unforgettable experience in August. Just do not forget to take care of your tickets and hotel reservations on time, for those wishing to enjoy the beautiful weather in the last month of summer.

Guest Reviews about the weather in August

Dear travellers! Were you in Cyprus in August? How did you find the weather? Did you make any surprising discoveries you would like share? If so, please give us your feedback on the weather in the comments below.



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