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What’s unique about Cape Greco?

Cavo Greco

Cape Greco is known as Cape Greco or Cavo Greco, and is located in the most eastern part of the island between the Cypriot cities of Ayia Napa and Protaras.

Cape Greco is special due to the incredible beauty of its clear, turquoise sea, and numerous grottoes and caves located on the western side of the Cape.

Carved into the cliffs the sea surfs the caves and attracts many annual travelers who love to explore. It’s quite difficult to get down to the caves from the top of the cape, so most of the tourists and adventurers reach it by boat.

Amazingly clear waters around the Cape provide a lot of fun for underwater photographers and people who enjoy snorkeling and diving; if you’re a fan of extreme diving then you will love it here. In the bays on the southern and northern sides of the Cape, the rocks hanging over the sea and the deep water provide thrills for those brave enough to leap from the high cliffs.

On the northern side of the Cape there are rare and endangered plants, and migrating birds which often use Cavo Greco as a resting place during their flight across the sea.

Unfortunately it’s impossible to reach the most eastern part of Cavo Greco as, near the lighthouse, one of the four British bases in Cyprus is located, and passage for locals and tourists is closed.

In the northern part of the cape is an observation deck, and near there is the small picturesque church of Ayia Anargyri. From here, using the stairs located on the edge of the area, you can go down to the cave and a small rocky beach.


Cavo GrecoCavo GrecoCavo Greco

Interesting Facts

Bridge of lovers in Cyprus

"Sinners Bridge

Cavo Greco is considered to be one of the most romantic destinations in Cyprus. Unique attractions in Cyprus are the “Sinners Bridge” and “bridge of Lovers”, the official name of the bridge – Kamara tou Koraka (literally translated from Greek means “crow Arch”).

Most ‘sinners’ are overhanging the water from the rock that resembles a bridge. In the centre of this naturally formed bridge is a clearly visible crack, and due to the high risk of rupture the area around the bridge is fenced and the passage is closed to people. However this does not stop visitors taking lots of pictures. Bridge of lovers in Protaras is a favourite place for photo shoots of couples, as well as weddings in Cyprus.

According to local legend, the bridge will collapse when the greatest sinner on earth sets foot on it.

Sea Monster at Ayia Napa

The second legend of Cape Greco is of the Ayia Napa sea monster. According to the legend a sea monster inhabits the coastal waters of the Cape. It’s believed to be based on ancient Greek seafaring myths of the monster Scylla, half-dog half-woman. The legend has endowed the monster with a friendly character and certainly attracts tourists, adding a certain mystique to Cavo Greco.

Cavo Greco National Park

Cavo Greco

Cavo Greco is located in the Cape Greco National Forest Park, where everyone can explore the surrounding hiking trails and attractions.

Cavo Greco Park has plenty of shops and pavilions where you can relax and take shelter from the midday sun. Everywhere is properly equipped and there are designated areas for picnics.

On the north side of Cape Greco is one of the most famous beaches in Cyprus – Konnos Bay and the Blue Lagoon, which received its name from its bright blue coastal waters. Konnos Bay is one of the most popular places to enjoy water sports.

Getting there

Cape Greco is a 10-minute drive from the centre of Ayia Napa and Protaras. The cities are connected by the №101 and 102 buses passing by Cape Greco – No102 from Protaras and 101 from Ayia Napa.

Hikers can walk to Cape Greco from Ayia Napa using the footpath which starts from the Grecian Sands Hotel and runs along the coast to Cavo Greco.

The most favourite forms of transport on the Cyprus’ resorts are undoubtedly buggies, ATVs, scooters and bicycles, which can be rented at special locations. All the vehicles can be left in the parking lot near the lookout.



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