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Weather in Cyprus in October

Air temperature
20 - 23ос
Water temperature
18 - 20ос

October in Cyprus is a dream month for all!

In Europe, autumn begins with rain, cold and wind, in Russia the snow begins to fall, with up-coming ice, congestion and queues which tire people. In Cyprus, it’s time for the final departure of the summer heat. A soft, velvet season begins to unfold.

Air and sea temperature in Cyprus in October

The sunset in OctoberThe average daytime temperature is about  +25°C; the sun can be hot, but won’t be given much atention as the refreshing sea breeze will cover the body with goose bumps.

Do not worry, you can always warm up in the sea! Yes, yes. The water  carefully stores the summer warmth for you, like a rechargable battery: the water temperature is above +20°C, confidently around +24°C. In the evening the water is cooler.

Evening swimming at sunset brings particular pleasure. The sun sets in the horizon at around 6 p.m. The coastal water is heated during the day, and in the water it is much warmer than the air. The sunset rays paint the world in fancy colors, giving you a sense of  hovering between heaven and earth…

From the wardrobes the retrieved blankets, sweaters and jackets make their appearance. Night temperatures drop to +16°C, and in the evening it is usually slightly lower than +20°C. Ladies and gentlemen, feel comfortable in elegant evening gowns.

Weather in Ayia Napa in October

The ‘Velvet Season’ in Ayia Napa is marked with declining daytime and evening temperatures. Places of entertainment close, but there are still numerous taverns and restaurants that continue to operate.

The beaches of Ayia Napa are calmer, and the occasional beach party can only be found at one of the beaches in the south of Cyprus — Nissi Beach. Young adults are replaced by the older generation and families with children. The daily temperature is around 23°C, a drop of around 3 degrees from September, and the average temperature at night falls to +19°C.

Weather in Protaras in October

Protaras in October is the last month for the majority of restaurants and bars. The wind picks up, and clouds appear, but most days are still comfortable for beach visits. By late October the likelihood of rain increases.

The sea temperature in Protaras in October stays at around +25°C, and the temperate weather makes an evening walk more comfortable than in the hot summer season.

Weather in Larnaca in October

It’s still quite warm in Larnaca at this time of year, but with fewer visitors and tourists. October in Larnaca is a time for a relaxing and quiet holiday.

The pleasant temperature in October is maintained throughout the day – the average is a maximum 27°C, while the minimum temperature at night drops to +16°C. The sea in Larnaca in October is about 24°C.

Malindi Beach in Limassol Weather in Limassol in October

The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the best times of the year for visiting Limassol. As a rule, in October it’s warm enough here during the day, around 24 — 26°C and, thanks to the sea breeze, the evenings are cool and the temperature at night drops to +18°C.

You can expect 3 or 4 rainy days in October in Limassol, with shorter days and a reduction in sunlight intensity.

Weather in Paphos in October

October in Paphos is a great month for those who want to enjoy the warm sunny weather and avoid the crowds of tourists the island attracts during the summer.

The average temperature in Paphos is +22°C during this month, with a possible increase to +27°C during the day and an average minimum of +16°C at night. Such a large difference in temperature requires some lightweight summer clothes, so you don’t overheat during the day, and a pullover or jacket to keep warm at night.

The sun

The sun is a constant companion of men living in Cyprus. The long-awaited, after a bright sunny summer, clouds increasingly decorate the seascape: the invisible hand of the Author confidently brushstrokes the sea and the sky with a fairy range of shades. The sun hides very briefly behind the clouds and shines again, sharing its warmth and inspiring confidence for the future.

Rain in October in Cyprus

They is virtually no rainfall yet. Rare drops of rain that fall to the ground in October, are seen as a gift of heaven.

The tourist areas of the cities begin to empty. There are fewer tourists with children. The taverns are preparing for the winter season, with some places of the island being closed until spring. Streets, squares, parks and establishments are preparing for a vacation. Just as a popular diva, with the sparkling makeup and costume variety, comes into the dressing room and sits down in front of the mirror: she is still dressed up, yet her look is mysterious and relaxed, her movements smooth and lazy. The lady is preparing for a vacation! At this point, she becomes herself – a tender vulnerable woman. Such associations are created for Cyprus during this period.

The wind

The wind is still warming up before the winter season, and the surface of the sea is mostly calm. In October, you can be happily go for a boat ride on a boat or yacht, since it is the perfect time for diving and yachting.

Some hotels have reduced prices for accommodation, and you can save a little on vacation.

September and October in Cyprus are two golden months, a gift for those who want to extend their summer!

Cyprus in October: Welcome to a milder summer!


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