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Weather in Cyprus in November

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16 - 18ос
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15 - 16ос

November in CyprusIn the first days of November, Cyprus meets the last wave of tourists from Russia before Christmas. The small school holidays provide an additional holiday which enables tourists to take the last sip of sunlight and heat before the long winter.

And Cyprus is trying not to let go! Usually the weather changes closer to the middle of November : it becomes cooler, the sky is often clouded, rainfalls are more regular, torturing the summer sun.

Air and sea temperature in Cyprus in November

In Cyprus, November is definitely not like a European one. In the afternoon the air is heated to +20°C — +22°C, cooled at night at 13°C — 14°C. For evening walks sweaters and jackets are needed, and even during the day – during cloudy weather – you had better put something over your back. However, in calm weather the sun could be hot.

The sea water is heated to +20°C, and swimming is only for the brave daredevils.

November is a good month for trips to the mountains. The snow has not yet fallen, the air is clear and fresh, the ground is covered with a multi-colored carpet of fallen leaves. Dress warmer, the temperatures may be about +15 degrees.

The wind becomes stronger and the season for sailing enthusiasts starts; flying over the water and under the kite is great fun for windsurfers. The season is also great for golfers.


November in Cyprus

Weather in Ayia Napa in November

Summer in Cyprus is well and truly over. Despite this, however, the weather in Ayia Napa in early November can still please lovers of the southern sun where daytime temperatures can reach 26°C. The second half of November in Ayia Napa is noticeably colder, with daily temperatures dropping to around 20°C.

he average temperature of the sea is still a relatively comfortable + 22°C, and there is more chance of rain. The night air temperature drops to the level of +14°C — +15°C.

Weather in Protaras in November

Governors Beach in Larnaca

Tourist season in Protaras is over by November, but some bars and restaurants are still open. Autumn in Protaras is the perfect time to explore the city and its surroundings.

The average temperature fluctuates around 17°C and daily temperatures often rise to 22°C, which is certainly enough for a pleasant walk through the Cavo Greco National Forest Park or other outdoor activities. The average sea temperature in Protaras in November is about +22°C.

Weather in Larnaca in November

Larnaca is a popular resort out of season, especially for those who wish to enjoy the warm weather in late autumn. If the sunny weather persists until the end of November, then a beach holiday will be quite appropriate. However, sea temperatures are lower, so the chance of long swims is unlikely. The average temperature of the sea in Larnaca in November is 20°C.

Daytime air temperatures in Larnaca in early November may rise to 25°C and fall to 20°C at the end of the month. The temperature at night also tends to decrease from +17°C to +13°C.

Malindi Beach in LimassolWeather in Limassol in November

In Limassol, it’s evident that autumn has started with the increase in clouds, rain clouds and stronger winds.

The chance of rain has been steadily growing towards the end of the month. Average day temperature is +21°C, at night +14°C.

Weather in Paphos in November

In November in Paphos, as well as along the coast of southern Cyprus, the temperature significantly drops. The daily temperature is around 22°C and +13°C at night. The average sea temperature in Paphos is around +20°C.

The start of the rainy season in Cyprus starts in November and carries through until around February. On average in Paphos they will get around seven days of rain in November, ranging from moderate to thunderstorms.

Things to do in Cyprus in November

November in CyprusThe time for winter’s fans and the out-of-season resort lovers in Cyprus begins. Half of the taverns are closed for the winter, the tourist areas of ​​the cities are empty, the number of rented cars is sharply reduced, making the situation on the roads much safer.

The island is immersed in sweet slumber, and sitting on a bench by the sea is perfect to dream together, looking at the setting sun peeking from behind the clouds.

Cool drinks on the table are replaced by hot tea and coffee, a fire’s sparks tremble in the fireplace and a glass of red intense Marathftiko wine replaces the cold white Xynisteri (more about it in Cyprus’ wines). The spicy scent of rosemary and lamb replace the subtle aroma of seafood: you want real food, which warms the body and soul.

In fine weather, plan a trip to the zoo.

The island begins to prepare for one of the major holidays of the year – Christmas. Shops and public places are decorated with ornamental Christmas trees and Santa Clauses. The multi-colored tinsels and Christmas toys create a special mood anticipating the holidays.

Cyprus’ quiet autumn is good for pilgrimages at the Christian temples on the island.

Lastly but most importantly, the evening meal in one of the taverns will be a worthy completion of another long day of adventure and positive emotions.

Guest Reviews about the weather in November

Dear travellers! Were you in Cyprus in November? How did you find the weather? Did you make any surprising discoveries you would like share? If so, please give us your feedback on the weather in the comments below.


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