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Church of Saints Cyprian and Justina in Cyprus

Cyprian and Justina

In the village of Menico, which is near Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, there is the church of the Martyr St. Cyprian and Justina, together with its holy relics.

The relics of the saints were brought to Cyprus from Syria in 1298 and are still there to this day. They are used by believers from all over the world for confession and communion. According to legend, St. Cyprian and Justina help fight impure forces, corruption, the evil eye and slander.

The legend of Cyprian and Justina

Saints Cyprian and JustinaThe first description of the two Saints appeared in Greece in the 4th century BC.

Cyprian was born in Carthage, lived in Antioch during the reign of Roman Emperor Decius, and was known as a pagan sage and sorcerer. When he learned all the wisdom of paganism and witchcraft he returned to Antioch and became revered as the chief priest of the pagans, surprising people with his ability to control the elements and make pestilence and plagues.

Aglaias was a young man, the son of rich and noble parents, who met a girl called Justina. He was overwhelmed by her beauty and gentle disposition and wanted to marry her, but she turned him down saying that she was married to God.

He approached Cyprian to cast a spell on Justina so that she would love him, but it didn’t work.

When Cyprian realized that all his knowledge and actions had no power against this devout girl, he renounced his beliefs and didn’t emerge from the church until he’d been baptized and prayed to have his past sins removed.

Later, during the persecution, both Cyprian and Justina were seized and sentenced to death. Their deaths occurred over 300 years ago, and since then the place where their bodies have lain have been accredited with numerous healings. Cyprian and Justina were later recognized by the church as holy martyrs.

History and architecture of the church

Church of Saints Cyprian and Justina in CyprusAccording to legend, one of the Cypriot kings of the 14th century was healed in the church of Cyprian and Justina in Cyprus. He ordered a large new cathedral be built instead of the little church. It is now a majestic building with a beautifully restored tall bell tower.

Since the 14th century the flow of people seeking help has not abated, and it is believed that the power of the church can protect against the evil eye and all outside bad influences.

Most of the churches in Cyprus are open in the morning in the summer then, after a 3 hour siesta (like many countries with a hot climate), the doors are open again until 20:00.

During the opening hours (08:00 to 13:00 and 16:00 to 18:00) you can:

  • Church of Saints Cyprian and Justina in Cyprusworship the holy relics and take part in the service, even if you have attended confession and communion;
  • Speak with one of the priests – Father Savvas or father Cyprian;
  • give notes “On health” and “On the repose”;
  • visit the icon of St. Cyprian;
  • drink the mineral water;
  • purchase sanctified icons at the gift shop.

Until recently 85 year old Luke used to sit by the coffee shop near the Cathedral. He’d never been to Russia but was very fond of the Russians who came to visit and loved to be photographed with them. “Through your photos I pass all of Russia” he said. Maybe he’s sitting in the very same spot waiting for you to visit the church of Cyprian and Justina in the village of Menico in Cyprus.

PointerWhere is the Cyprian and Justina church?

If you drive from Limassol towards Nicosia, follow the signs to Strovolos and then continue straight towards Menico. After turning towards the village, carry on for another 15 minutes.

The church is located in the centre of the village and there is a blue sign in both Greek and Russian.



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