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10 Foods That Will Make Your Skin Glow

Do you want glowing, flawless skin and are looking for the miracle cream to do this? After having tried every face wash and cream on the market to achieve this, but always with disappointing results? This has nothing to do with the effectiveness of the products, but with what you feed your body.

Your skins beauty begins from within and radiates out wards. If you are healthy and eat certain foods that improve your skin, you will have glowing skin before you know it.

Below are 10 foods that will make your skin glow.


АвокадоAvocados can be used internally or externally, applied directly to the skin. They are rich in mono saturated oils and vitamin E and vitamin A. Vitamin A is used by the body to produce new cells, which keeps your skin looking young.

These oils keep the membrane surrounding your skin cells, in tact. In turn, this reduces the inflammation found with acne and eczema.


Beetroots protect against skin bruising, by assisting your cells in self-repair and renewal.

They consist of anthocyanins, which are flavonoids. These also help your skin against bruising and guard against free radical damage to it.

Brazil nuts

What makes these nuts better than any other nuts, is the mineral selenium, which is important to the health of your skin cells, having antioxidant effects.

It is high in omega-6 fatty acid, which promotes soft, smooth skin.

They are also the highest source of selenium, which is an important antioxidant for the skin.


Garlic contains sulphurous compounds that stimulate the liver by acting as a detoxifier. This helps the body get rid of any toxins, so clearing blemished, spotty skin.

Garlic’s main benefit is to improve circulation, which allows for the better flow of nutrients and oxygen to your skin.

Green tea

Whether you drink it or apply it to your skin, green tea has anti-inflammatory soothing properties. These anti-inflammatory affects to the skin are due to the polyphenols found within it.

In both ways, either taken orally or applied topically, green tea has been said to reduce the harm from Ultraviolet rays and so reduce the risk of burning and skin cancer. It is therefore seen to protect your skin.

ОвощиOlive oil

This rich in essential fatty acid oil is used both orally and topically to achieve smooth and lubricated skin cells. Olive oil helps your skin to look and feel healthy. It can be used externally to treat dry skin and minor burns.

It is used for aiding digestion and regular bowel movement, which in turn has a positive effect on your skin and skin disorders such as acne.

It is high in vitamin E, which is important for skin elasticity.


ГранатThese fruits are very high in antioxidants which fight against free radicals formed by our every day lives. These antioxidants are found within the bright colorful pigments within the fruit. Free radicals can damage your skin cells; especially those from too much sun exposure, and follow to damage the actual DNA of your skin cell. The antioxidants found in pomegranates can protect your skin from this damage.

Pomegranates can also be used to help against skin aging. Due to their protection against skin damage, they allow for your skin to keep younger and healthier for longer. The stronger the cell membrane, the more moisture it holds allowing your skin to be plumper and younger looking.

Семена подсолнечникаSunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds contain zinc and selenium, which are important antioxidants! Protecting your skin against ageing, both internally and externally in wrinkles.

They contain the soluble fiber pectin, which keeps your intestines well cleansed, in turn keeping your skin clear.


They are high sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 is incorporated into your skin membranes, maintaining their efficient functioning.

They also have very powerful anti-inflammatory properties helping with conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

Грецкие орехиWalnuts

These nuts are the same as other nuts as they are high in essential fatty acids, which keep your cell membranes healthy. Your skin membrane is the barrier between harmful exterior substances and your inner body. It is also the barrier whereby nutrients, as well as harmful substances and wastes cross in and out of.

Incorporate these foods into your daily diet and see for yourself  the amazing effects they will have on your skin


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