Sailor’s Rest

The restaurant in the St. Raphael marina

The restaurant focuses on seafood. Direct deliveries of fresh fish, oysters, mussels and other seafood guarantee the quality of dishes, which can satisfy even the most particular taste.

Sailor’s Rest is located in the marina of the St. Raphael hotel – a romantic part of the city, where the deck houses of the power yachts and sailing masts tower over the water.

There is a wonderful view of the bay from the restaurant and the peace and cosiness of the eatery creates an ideal atmosphere for either a rоmantic dinner or a friendly daytime chat over a cup of coffee.

Sailor’s Rest has a convenient parking lot, an open verandah and Wi-Fi. Tables should be reserved in advance.


Sailor’s RestSailor’s RestSailor’s Rest

Review from Cyprus Inform

The restaurant towers over the sea in the marina belonging to the St. Raphael hotel. All the attributes of а romantic dinner on the sea are here: the swell of the ocean, the intoxicating aroma of the sea breeze and an exciting view of the shore from the sea – a view, which only voyagers can see.

But not only this attracts frequenters of the restaurant – the owners of the expensive yachts, which have sheltered in the cosy marina, the inhabitants of the island, who understand good food, and tourists who have been lucky enough to have the place recommended to them. They all come here to enjoy the perfect cuisine from local chef Аndreas – a virtuoso captain of his gastronomical ship…

Leave your car at the very beginning of the parking lot, which covers a long pier-embankment and leads to the entrance of the marina, and enjoy a little walk accompanied by the sound of the sea, the lap of the waves against the sides of the sleeping yachts and squeak of the ships’ rigging.

The sun was setting when I stepped across the threshold of Sailor’s Rest, this is not yet the time for dinner, and most tables in the eatery are empty. Large stained glass windows, airy furniture and light colours – everything stresses the ‘sea’ theme of the restaurant, where the meal and the interior only emphasize the beauty and power of the waves.

While I am studying the menu, a waiter brings me water and a basket with bread which is baked in the restaurant twice a day. A plate, a compliment from the chef, follows – two canapes with smoked salmon.


Panorama St. Raphael


Sailor's RestSo, the menu… First wine! I leave the choice of French, Italian and other types from the Old or the New Worlds to you. I am a fan of the local Cypriot wines, whose market has been developing fast in recent years.

Today I am in for a surprise again – white wine Petritis from Kyperounda winery (€20 per bottle). Xynisteri is Cyprus’ authentic type of grape. Each local wine-grower produces wine of this kind, and we enjoy wines Alina from Vouni Panayia, Persefoni from the Kolios Winery, Agoiklima from the Constantinou Winery and others.

While I was admiring the slightly emerald colour of the wine in my glass, the waiter brought oysters; I have ordered three to try. Prices for the seafood delicatessen are very moderate here – €2.50 apiece (4 years ago in Filimonova and Yankel in Moscow I was poisoned by oysters sold at an exclusive price of €5 apiece). I add nothing to the oysters, neither lemon juice nor raspberry vinegar – a mouthful of wine is followed by the contents of the shell… Magnificent!

The wine really surprised me! This is not Xynisteri! It resembles chardonnay.  I take the bottle, read the label. Aha, this is why! Rich fruit notes are tempered by a slight taste acquired following partial ageing in oak barrels.


But let’s stop talking about wine, I was brought a new dish –  Gorgonzola salad (€11). Crispy salad leaves, morsels of tender creamy gorgonzola, walnuts, a fresh sweet pear, and a honey and mustard dressing. There is nothing to add to the dish except a piece of crispy bread and a couple of sips of cool white wine.

The salad disappeared quickly, and a few minutes later Маriya, who served me that day, brought the аappetizers – Prawn Fritters Wasabi (€14). Four tiger shrimp in a thin crispy batter on a pillow of mango salsa with a light aroma of wasabi. The dish is decorated with white sauce and sweet balsamic vinegar. This is a combination of food, which is called haute cuisine – sour, sweet, slightly acidic, hot – the components must be picked impeccably to create a masterpiece.


Сompliment from the chefGorgonzola saladOysters

 Hоt dishes

Стейк из тунеца в Sailor's RestI ordered a tuna steak as a hot dish, and looked forward to it. I thought that I knew everything about tuna and that I cook it well myself. This is without doubt, one of the kings of fish, but what Mariya has brought me…

Tuna Steak (€28) is a tuna steak au gratin of fennel, served with young potatoes, оlives and sundried tomatoes. It is served with the vierge sauce. This is French; In English it means virgin sauce – оlive oil, lemon juice, the flesh of fresh tomatoes and basil.

I ordered it rare (with blood). In my view, this is the only way you can eat the tuna steak so as to retain the full colour and taste. I was brought a piece оf one of the best species, Albacore tuna. This fish’s meat is of a delicate pink colour and the fatter it is, the lighter the colour. The steak was surprisingly juicy (picture) and tender, with the fragrance of freshly ground pepper. Оlives and sundried tomatoes complimented the taste of the fish wonderfully.

By Way of Epilogue

Seafood mixIt was a wonderful meal, the only thing to be done after which is to have a cup of Greek coffee, but the menu has many things still to try, some of which will force you to come back to Sailor’s Rest. Маriya told me that a dish for two, Fruit de Mer Platter, €95 (picture) is very popular with the guests. This is a seafood mix – lobster, oysters, tiger shrimp, langoustine, Atlantic crabs and squid. It is served with baked potatoes, green salad and the aioli sauce. I think this is an unrivalled favourite for a romantic meal.

Мy attention was drawn to the ravioli with crab and lobster (Crab and Lobster ravioli, €18), served with cream sauce, Lasagne Carchiofi (€15): lasagna with young artichokes, goats cheese, оlives and tomatoes.

If you decide to visit Sailor’s Rest, do not forget to reserve a table. Bon appetit!

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