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Night clubs in Limassol and Larnaca

Holiday club life in Limassol

nights clubs in LimassolClub life in Limassol is divided into two seasons: winter and summer. But this does not mean that all the nightlife of the city will be open only in the summer, or vice versa, only in the winter.

For example, most of the bars operate all year round.

First of all, this is due to the fact that, in contrast to Ayia Napa, where most of the hotels welcome guests only during the summer season, and the local population is virtually absent, in Limassol – one of the major cities of Cyprus –  nightlife rages in the winter. But the Limassol’s nightlife has a strong seasonal character.

Nightclubs and bars are located in Limassol’s tourist area, and in the center, the old city. Fans of lively parties and dances will not be disappointed by visiting the night clubs at different points in Limassol in one evening.

It is worth noting that taxi services on the island are relatively inexpensive. Thus, moving from one end to the other in Limassol at night will cost an average of 10-12 euros.

The old town of Limassol – the center of the party

The role of this place in Limassol – the Saripolou Square area in the center of the old town – has taken over the reins of nightlife in recent years. On it there are dozens of bars, offering visitors a variety of drinks, food and music for all tastes.

Thus, moving from one bar to another, you can easily find a place with music and fun that will suit you.

Dance lovers will enjoy Rote Club located in heart of the old town of Limassol. Rote Club is situated at the Heroes Square and is the only night club in Limassol playing electronic music.

Rote Club is regularly hosting musical events, where international and local artists are performing electronic music of different styles, such as deep house and techno house, trance and other popular styles. An absolutely stunning Funktion One sound system is providing the best possible audio quality and is helping to create a special atmosphere for making the musical experience the most enjoyable for every guest.


Molecular BarMolecular BarMolecular Bar

Within a 7-10 minute walk from the square there is an establishment for the rest of supporters of a more glamorous style – a dance bar, 7 Seas.

Unlike Saripolu area where almost all the night places work all year round, this bar is open only during the period from October to May and closes for the summer. Demanding customers will appreciate the presence of a VIP-zone here and a variety of themed parties during the week.

Nightlife in the old town doesn’t last long every night, however. Yet, if the bar, where you are, closes, and the soul requires a “continuation of the feast” then you can move to the nightclub Retro. The musical program of the club is 100% true to its name, and the DJs delight visitors with music from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

Popular entertainment venues in the tourist area

nightclubs in CyprusFor those who do not want to go far away, you should pay attention to the coast of Limassol – the tourist area. Here, as in other cities of Cyprus, plenty of English pubs and bars exist.

If you’re a sports fan or just want to drink a pint of beer and a bite to eat, then you will enjoy the pubs the Woodman, Shakespeare’s Pub and The Nags Head Pub, the latter of which organizes a karaoke program on weekends.

Russian Karaoke lovers can have fun singing your favorite songs at the karaoke bars Malina and Sinatra, and the fans of hard rock music will be delighted at Tepee Rock Bar.

The local party-goers and visitors to the island favour the bars Doma Lounge and Rumours, offering music in the style of RnB, pop, rock, disco and house. Fans will be able to dance until the morning break at the club Elite, and spend the night surrounded by respectable guests at the Club VIP Room.

Nightclubs and bars in the open air

Guaba Beach BarDuring the summer season (MayOctober) in Limassol there are nightclubs and bars in the open air.

Guaba Beach Bar is probably the most popular place among young people which has received the recognition of both local and international clubbers. In 2014 Guaba was at 13th place in the list of the best clubs in the world.

The bar is located directly next to the sea and is open from morning until late evening. And if during the day you can spend your time enjoying the sun and sea, with the onset of night-time, the bar turns into one of the most popular places on the island.

The highlight of this place is on Sundays with live performances of the best DJs on the planet.

 Breeze Summer nightclubOne more club located on the beach is Breeze Summer Club. It is the most popular nightclub in Limassol and is divided into a dance and VIP area. The Breeze Summer Club offers an extensive summer program with performances by popular singers, bands and DJs.

And finally, one of the most glamorous places on the island – Dolce Club. The club is located near the hotel Amathus, offers music in the style of pop, rock, RnB, disco, house and Greek, is divided into a dance and VIP-zone, organizes concerts of popular bands and singers, including Russian pop stars.

The cost of drinks in bars and night clubs in Limassol starts from 5-6 euros in the bars and ends at 10-15 euros in establishments of higher level.

Clubs and bars in Larnaca

All those who chose to spend their holiday in Larnaca, or just wan a change of scenery will not leave without vivid impressions, fun night clubs and bars in Larnaca.

The Palm street (Finikudes Promenade) and the Mackenzie beach (Makkenzy Beach) – have a continuous string of cafes, bars and restaurants, which during the day offer a delicious lunch menu, and in the evening – a quality “separation.”


Ammos Beach BarAmmos Beach Bar

The most fashionable and advanced establishment, which perfectly combines the best traditions of restaurants and bars, is widely regarded to be the Ammos Beach Bar. During both summer and winter seasons, Ammos organizes performances and concerts of popular DJs and bands from around the world. Depending on the party theme, the club easily transforms from a glamorous club with visitors in evening dresses to a beach dance floor.

Neighboring Ammos, Club XS Night & Day Club operates only in the summer season and boasts of an outdoor swimming pool, which becomes the highlight of this institution during all kinds of parties. At nightfall XS Night & Day Club turns 100% to a respectable nightclub with reputable visitors.

XS Night & Day ClubNot less popular is Lush Beach Bar Recto and ReBuke Lounge. Both bars are open throughout the year and hold regular live performances of pop singers and DJs.

Rok bar Savino Live is the holder of a brutal interior and it quite often pleases its visitors with live performances of local and foreign rock bands.

Deep Night Club is one of the places in the city for the youth, where famous DJs from abroad often come to perform, as well as  favorite local DJs do. In the club, you can spend the night in an energetic dance with the Greek and international new hits, RnB and house music.

The average price of drinks in bars and nightclubs in Larnaca are from 6 to 10 euros.

Billboard of events

concerts in CyprusNightclubs and bars in Cyprus offer guests an amazing epxerience as an evening and night-time entertainment.

During the summer season in Cyprus a number of concerts are held, with the most fashionable and popular music bands and star DJs from around the world. Concerts are held in sports stadiums, as well as on various sandy beaches around the island.

For more information about all the interesting events of this summer, you can always learn from our event section.

We wish you many vivid experiences, many adventures and a happy holiday!


Night clubs and bars in Cyprus: Ayia Napa

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