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ChestersThis is an amazingly cosy place in any weather, at any time of year. In winter the spacious room is heated by two fireplaces, making it an ideal place to meet old friends and shelter from the weather. In the summer you can spend a magical evening on the spacious sun-deck.

Chesters offer a wide selection of drinks, including the best loved varieties of draft beers and ciders.

The restaurant’s cuisine will certainly not disappoint. You can enjoy a snack on its own or with a beer, and have dinner, choosing from a selection of meat, fish, chicken or pasta, Mexican or Russian dishes.

The staff at Chesters are very attentive, and are there to make sure your stay is comfortable.

The restaurant’s slogan is very fitting – “Chesters – a place where the little things are important.”

Cyprus Inform Review

met with Chesters shortly after my first visit to Cyprus in 2000 and did not regret it. There I discovered many delicious dishes perfect with beer, cider, cold vodka and warm conversation in friendly company.

In the winter I sit at my favourite table next to the fireplace, where it easily accommodates 6 people. During the summer of course, it’s better to sit outside under the canopy where, although it’s sheltered, you can still benefit from the amazing sea breeze.


Chesters -  SaladChesters - Cheese plateChesters - Combo


Now let’s talk about food! Try the spinach salad (€9. 90). If I’m drinking beer then I personally prefer to have something other than salad, but not to try this dish would be a crime with its young, tender leaves of fresh spinach, pine nuts, sweet cherry tomatoes, fresh mushrooms and blue cheese. The highlight of the dish is the sweet and-sour dressing, where honey is added to the traditional oil and vinegar.

One serving of salad for two disappears quickly, and immediately Buffalo wings appear on the table (Buffalo Chicken Wings, € 7.90 for a small portion, and €17.60 for the larger); tender chicken wings in a spicy, medium sweet and sour sauce, and dips with white sauce in the centre of the dish.

Main dishes

Cheaters - Grilled Calamari Chesters offer a wide selection of dishes from various cuisines.

Seafood lovers will appreciate the squid on the grill (Grilled Calamari € 19.80). Squid weighing 500g roasted over charcoal, served on a dish with roasted vegetables and lemon juice. The squid is tender and moist, and the lemon juice perfectly complements the dish. This is a light and refreshing and is perfect with white wine or dry cider.

Mongolianstyle pork chop (Mongolian Pork Chop €14.80). Pork, marinated in a special sauce and roasted on the grill, served with rustic potatoes, seasonal vegetables and Chinese mustard sauce. The sweet note of the marinade is delicious and the meat is cooked to a rich brown, retaining all the juices. The light sauce perfectly complements the dish.

Pork leg (Crackling Pork Leg €21). The chef has perfected the recipe for this dish and he has created a real masterpiece! Shank, and the crackling that breaks with a fantastic crunch, with pinkish tender pork underneath, is served with potato wedges, homemade sauerkraut, pickled gherkins and two kinds of mustard. Order one portion to share as it’s almost impossible for one person to finish by themselves.

There are also thick beef steaks on the menu, seasoned and stored in special refrigerated cabinets, plus pizzas, pastas, Mexican fajitas, and even a ‘Russian Corner’ with dumplings, soup and salad.


Cheaters - Mongolian Pork ChopCheaters - Crackling Pork Leg

Wine lovers should definitely try one of the local wines at Chesters.

Take a digestif at the end of the meal. Of course this can be the vodka, brandy or grappa, but I recommend the local zivania.

Chesters is a great place for a casual meal, with its friendly atmosphere and food and service at the highest level.


Maxim Okulov

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