Limassol Restaurants: where to go in winter

Рестораны Лимассола

The winter holidays will be upon us soon, and it’s quite likely that at least a few times during this period you will go to a restaurant with your family and friends. Here we share with you our impressions on which are the best restaurants in Limassol that are open during the winter.


Pixida is a fish tavern

One of our favourites is the Pixida restaurant, located in the newly opened Limassol Marina. For many years now the restaurants in this chain (the first opened in Nicosia and London) are popular with both locals and visitors to the island.

Pixida is a fish tavern, serving the best seafood and fish dishes in Cyprus. Be sure to order the crab and prawn salad (€20), but bear in mind the servings are large enough for 2 people, so don’t overdo it.

The garlic mussels (€15) can be recommended from the appetizers, and as a main dish it’s worth trying any type of the freshly caught fish (€60 per kilo). These dishes are perfectly accompanied by the local white wine, available in a wide range of restaurants, from the Zambartas and Vasilikon, Tsiakkas and Kyperounda Wineries, which are just a few from the list of the best wineries represented in Pixida.

CrystalCrystal Restaurant

This is another fine dining restaurant that’s opened up in the Limassol Marina (Breeze group project), where you can spend the evening enjoying the magnificent panoramic views from the windows of the restaurant.

The Crystal offers excellent seafood, meat and fish dishes. The cost of a dinner with wine will come to approximately €80 – €100 for two.


Karatello Restaurant

No less of a pleasure to visit is the Karatello Restaurant (Carob Mill group), located on the square near the castle of Limassol. Look out for the Karatello salad, with fried halloumi, greens and fresh tomatoes, dressed with pomegranate and carob syrup at €10.50.

It’s also worth trying the beef with Commandaria sauce and vegetables (€15.75). If you visit with friends then there is the meze (cold and hot appetizers, desserts and fruit) at a cost of €22 per person (minimum order of 2 servings).


Plus Sea

Plus Sea Restaurant

The Plus Sea Restaurant is the place to go if you want to spend time by the ocean. To the sound of the waves you can enjoy delicious dishes such as Lettuce Plus Sea (greens, raisins, pine nuts, cherry tomatoes and soft manouri cheese, dressed with balsamic vinegar, and served in a tartlet.

For the main course we chose the Black Angus Tenderloin Tournedo (200g) – the best pieces of fried beef, with grilled vegetables and potato cutlets, served with either a mushroom or pepper sauce. To accompany the meat we ordered a bottle of red wine (Maratheftiko, Lefkada) from the Chrysorogiatissa monastery’s winery. The wine from this monastery was served at the opening of the famous Berengaria Hotel in Cyprus, well known world-wide 30 years ago, and where King Farouk of Egypt once stayed.

Four Seasons Restaurant and Hotel

Four Seasons Restaurant

If you want to sample a wide variety of traditional Cypriot and European cuisines, then it’s worth visiting the Four Seasons and ordering the buffet (lunch or dinner). Lovers of good food and a comfortable environment come here daily, where there is a great selection of cold and hot appetizers, meat and fish dishes, fruit, delicious desserts and a range of cheese from around the world to impress even the most demanding gourmet.

The cost of dinner is €42 per adult and €20 for a child. The price does not include drinks.


For those who like traditional Cypriot cuisine and seafood we recommend the Kissos tavern, located opposite the Four Seasons Hotel. In addition to good food, the restaurant’s menu includes traditional Cypriot dishes and snacks, as well as European and Russian dishes. The cost of dinner for two, with local wine, is about €80-€100.

“Taras Bulba”

"Taras Bulba" Restaurant

For those who miss “native” dishes, Limassol offers the familiar taste of Russian and Georgian cuisine. The Taras Bulba opened in 2010 and became the flagship of Russian cuisine. Since opening it has enjoyed well deserved popularity amongst both the Russian-speaking population living in Cyprus and tourists alike.

Here you will find a fairly wide selection of snacks (traditional salads, various kinds of cold cuts, pickles), soups, hot dishes. If you are planning a complete meal, be sure to pay attention to the salad with ham and cheese (€5), hodgepodge or borsch (€5) and beef stroganoff with mashed potatoes, or Kiev cutlet (€15-€20).


"Tiflis" Restaurant

Fans of the Georgian cuisine choose the “Tiflis” restaurant.

In the “Tiflis” you will definitely enjoy the variety of snacks: ispanahi (spinach with nuts, green onion and cilantro), badridzhani (aubergine with nut stuffing, greens, onions and hot peppers), Satsivi Chicken (tender chicken in peanut sauce) and excellent Georgian kebabs and shish kebabs. The cost of lunch or dinner with a bottle of Georgian wine is about €60 for two.

Bon Appetit!

Of course there are other good restaurants, and visiting them will also be a pleasure, but if you choose to visit one of those mentioned here you will certainly not regret your decision.

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