Grilled Wolfish

Лаврак на гриле

Living in the vicinity of the Mediterranean Sea and having the freshest fish on your doorstep make it very tempting to discover new fish dishes.

Today the wolfish or loup de mer is the key character of our recipe. There are lots of legends about the wolfish (loup de mer, seabass, robalo) and it is popular with fishermen and fans of fish. The seabass meat is not fatty, it is white and has almost no bones, also it is incredibly tasty!

The  high price of this fish caught in local waters (about 16-17 euros per 1 kg) is explained by the fact that it is quite a difficult fish to catch  and quite a challenge to the fishermen.

A fully grown fish can grow up to 1 m in length and may weigh up to 12 kg, but as a rule there are species of 50-70 cm and these weigh a little over 1 kg.

The famous Roman gourmand Marcus Gavius Apicius, who boiled seabass with pepper, onion, thyme, parsley, rue, mentioned the seabass and recommended accompanying it with a sauce made of olive oil and honey.

Now the seabass is cooked with fragrant spices, it is grilled or baked in salt. Some gourmands boil the seabass adding some wine and spices. People say that a cold seabass with mayonnaise can be competition even to lobster.


Grilled Wolfish. Stap 1 We take a fresh seabass weighing about 1 kg, seasoning for fish (it can be bought in a shop or cooked at home) and salt. The seasoning, which we used include ginger, coriander, magnolia-vine, turmeric, chili pepper.
Grilled Wolfish. Stap 2 We rub the fish with the seasoning. It is especially important to rub the seasoning not only on the outside, but also inside the fish, it will render it with a special taste.
Grilled Wolfish. Stap 3 We cover the fish with foil tightly.
Grilled Wolfish. Stap 4 Heat the grill to 180-200 degrees and put the fish covered with foil on the grill. leave it on the grill for 20-25 minutes. Then the fish has to be turned over to make it brown on both sides.
Grilled Wolfish. Stap 5 Meanwhile, we  go down to the lemon tree and pick the freshest lemon. What can complement the tender taste of a freshly caught fish better than a freshly picked lemon?
Grilled Wolfish. Stap 6 We prepare the lemon and herbs for the dish.
Grilled Wolfish. Stap 7 We take the fish off the grill, put it on a plate, open the foil (it is better not to take it off fully so as not to lose a drop of the fragrant sauce) and decorate our creation with the herbs and lemon.Et Voila a tasty dish is ready !
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