Smoked trout

Форель горячего копчения

The last week before the Holy Week. Even the strictest fasters will take comfort in fish at the end of the week. And I cannot help but publish a divine recipe for Palm Sunday.

The recipe is very simple, but  you have to stick to several rules, the key of which is а good quality product!

There are no problems with trout in Cyprus. There are farms, which produce perfect fish in  the flowing water of a mountain spring. these fish can be bought in the local  supermarkets. The trout was scrubbed by the shop assistant, which is why I only had to dry it with a paper towel.


Smoked trout. Stap 1 Look at this beauty! Apart from the fish, we will only need salt, olive oil , some  sawdust … and  a good Italian beer!
Smoked trout. Stap 2 So, we start! We put some salt on the inside and outside of the fish, sprinkle it with olive oil and put on the grating of the grill. I do not even use pepper. I think it is superfluous here.
Smoked trout. Stap 3 I pour water on the sawdust (two handfuls). This is done for the wood not to burn but to produce smoke.
Smoked trout. Stap 4 We wait for 30 minutes, this is what the sawdust packaging says (yes, I bought it in a local household goods shop Home Centre) and put it on a home-made tray made of foil which we fold in two. We then put the tray between the lava stone and the outer grate into the gas grill. That’s it.
Smoked trout. Stap 5 We switch on the grill and heat it for 10-15 minutes. There appears a magnificent smell and smoke… you should only open the lid – just what we want!
Smoked trout. Stap 6 We put the fish in and close the lid. Yes, my grill is worse for wear — 10 years on the open balcony in heat and rain.
Smoked trout. Stap 7 I only cook the fish for 15 minutes. In 7-8 minutes I turn the fish over. Look how beautiful it is! That is all – you can now go to prepare plates, glasses, snacks.
Smoked trout. Stap 8 The skin of the trout is tough, few people eat it, but underneath… The tender juicy fillet – it is ideal for the evening meal . There is also an onion marmalade, the recipe for which I promise to publish another time ,  it is delicious served on the plate together with the fish and lemon! Аvrio (Greek αύριο, Russian tomorrow), my dears!  Or mesavrio  (Greek μεθαύριο, Russian the day after tomorrow)! We are in Cyprus after all :-)
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