Best restaurants in Limassol


Many believe that good restaurants exist in Limassol’s tourist area, however they cannot easily be spotted. In most countries, in areas intended for foreign visitors, you can hardly find a traditional restaurant for local residents. Obviously that is not the case in the mountain taverns which offer the best Cypriot dishes. We’d better tell you about the restaurants in Limassol, which, in our opinion, deserve attention and offer visitors an exquisite taste from cuisines all around the world.

The Japanese and Chinese cuisines in Limassol

In this restaurant segment are the undisputed leaders of the Up-Town Square group: a Japanese restaurant and a Chinese restaurant, Zen, Chi Lounge. These places are popular among the locals. It’s not that the group restaurants in Up-Town Square differ in price, but the quality of food and level of service are well worth it.


 Royal Daikonroll ChiRoll ZEN

Particularly noteworthy are the traditional rolls and sashimi in Zen restaurant: the Royal Daikon roll (15 euros per 6 pieces) – the king crab and avocado with daikon – and the Chutoro (13 euros) –the blue fin tuna sashimi and makimono Unagi Make (small Roll with eel -10 euros per 6 pieces).

The Chinese restaurant Chi Lounge is under the careful supervision of Chef Yip Leong. His many years of experience in leading hotels and restaurants, as well as his incredible professionalism make it possible to create truly unique dishes that seem to be transported over to your table from restaurants in Beijing and Hong Kong.

By the way, if you want to save a little on your meal, you can use the discount card from the Cyprus Inform! With it you can get a discount of 20% on all the menu and drinks on weekdays from 12 to 5 pm.

Also the restaurant Oshi, located in the Old City, deserves your attention. Here everyone is equipped with the latest technology: the entire process – from ordering to payment – is conducted by means of an automated system, built directly into the table. You can order food, just by touching the picture in front of you. In addition, Oshi has something to keep children occupied as well. In addition to the menus and the other required for ordering facilities built into the system, a large collection of games for the children is also integrated.



Fish restaurants in Limassol

Among Limassol’s fish restaurants our absolute favorites are the Sailor’s Rest at the St. Raphael Hotel and the fish tavern Limanaki at the Amathus Hotel.

The main feature of the Sailor’s Rest restaurant is the incredibly romantic ambience and magnificent views of the harbor and the open Mediterranean Sea! Especially popular among the guests of the restaurant is the assorted seafood Fruit de Mer Platter (95 euros): lobster and oysters, tiger shrimps and langoustines, squid and Atlantic crab – all different and unique in taste. This course will be the undisputed favorite for a romantic meal.


Sailor's Rest Lounge Bar Restaurant at St Raphael Resort

On the other hand, the fish tavern Limanaki serves a three-tier platter of the freshest seafood! The jewel of the crown is the Alaskan crab dish with two sauces. It is pre-cut by the tavern’s professional chefs – you only have to remove the tender meat and enjoy its unique taste.

The lower tier of this dish is carefully stacked with magnificent large oysters with vinegar and shallots. The middle layer consists of huge prawns and mollusks shells. Separately, you will be served mussels poached in an aromatic sauce with herbs.


Limanaki Tower OystersLimanaki Fish

The Russian and Georgian cuisines in Limassol

The Georgian cuisine in Limassol is represented by two restaurants – Tiflis and Kinto. Each of them has its own great and unique style.

The best Georgian restaurant Tiflis offers a cozy home environment, delicious kebabs and traditional Georgian dishes. Kinto restaurant, which is located directly opposite the Four Seasons hotel, is different with its comfortable environment and no less fine cuisine. Both restaurants serve the unbeatable Georgian wine and crystal clear water – “Borjomi” and “Nabeglavi.”


TiflisKintoTaras Bulba Dinner

A favorite of the Russian and Ukrainian cuisine, of course, is Taras Bulba, located near the METRO supermarket and movie Cineplex in the tourist area of ​​Limassol. According to locals, this is where you can taste the best soups (borsch with donuts, solyanka, chicken broth and mushroom soup), traditional appetizers (Russian salad, vinaigrette, etc.), as well as an unusually tasty chicken Kiev. In addition, here you will find the famous in the whole Limassol karaoke club, where a lot of locals visit during the weekend and numerous interesting events are held.

Caprice: elegance and taste in one plateThe cuisines of other countries are also well represented in Limassol: the Italian restaurant Caprice at Londa hotel, the exquisite beachfront restaurant Malindi and Spanish Tapas Bar Estilo of the Up-Town Square group, the Irish pub and restaurant Molly Malone’s, the French My Miniatures bistro and many others. Of course, if you come to the island as a guest, you’ll want to try the local cuisine, but for those who live here as permanent residents, sometimes you want to taste the dishes of the usual and known but, alternatively, desire to enter the world of traditional flavors of the Eastern and European cuisine. And this small charming island offers quite a lot of beautiful places to discover!

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5 years ago

To be honest, my favorite restaurant of the above is Taras Bulba. Very unusual dishes, every time I order for something new. When resting, often go there with my girlfriend, she liked it immediately, but over time, she also fell in love with this place. There was a few times in Tiflis, liked too, but not so much on some food very high price. Money, of course, no problem, but if these dishes were worth that kind of money, I would have refused to pay. I usually leave a decent amount of tips in those institutions in which I was very pleased with the interior, and a variety of dishes. In recent years, there is no time to rest, and sometimes want to …