The Italian Restaurant of the Londa Hotel in Limassol

Caprice is open all day long. You can have breakfast or lunch here, or treat yourself to an evening enjoying Italian food. The cosy hall of the restaurant and the summer verandah opens on to a staggering view of the Mediterranean Sea.

In the evening, the tables are decorated with candles which, combined with the unique design, creates the perfect atmosphere for a romantic dinner.

On Sundays, Caprice offers a barbeque lunch with the traditional Cypriot meat dishes. The popularity of Sunday jazz evenings, which are regularly held in Caprice, is well deserved.

The rest of the week, visitors to Caprice can appreciate authentic Italian dishes from chef Vassos Michael and the Italian second chef Christiano Yakopini. After 15:00 on Fridays and Saturdays, you will be offered a nargile on the open verandah.


CapriceCapriceCaprice Lounge Bar terrace

Review from Cyprus Inform

The Caprice restaurant is situated beneath the hotel-boutique Londa which offers a quiet and comfortable experience with luxurious Italian design, and the Caprice is devoted to the charming, romantic world of Italian cuisine. Together they give this a stamp of quality.

The Interior of the Caprice Restaurant

View CapriceDepending on the weather and your inclination, you can either relax in the comfortable hall in the air conditioned coolness, or on the stylish verandah, enjoying a sea breeze and the fragrance of the beach promenade.

White massive armchairs, tablecloths and white columns, which glow from inside, are an ideal setting for one of the most beautiful shows in the world – an azure sea, whose horizon slides into the blue skies.

A meal in Caprice can be described simply as exquisite luxury – there are no mountains of food on heavy platters. The food is made by artists – the main theme of the dish is accompanied by a beautifully arranged side dish and bright multi-coloured sauces.

The blend of colours in each dish is exquisite and I have to stop to let my eyes feast on this wonderful sight.


This time we have decided to precede the meat with a wonderful meal of fish.

When you open the menu of Caprice, it carries you away to the Italian shore – the main names of dishes – the first line – are in Italian, and you have the chance to enjoy the poetry of it.

Involtino di tonno in crosta di patate – it is a song! The fillet of tuna fish au gratin with crispy potatoes and beetroot chips (€11.50). No, this is definitely not a local Cypriot tuna fish! The reddish tuna fillet in a thin crispy gratin with a delightful sweetish sauce. I heartily recommend you try this dish.


Caprice Scampi FagioliDripplingCaprice Tartare

Salmon tartar (Tartar edi salmone con mirepoix di verdure e crêpes alla maggiorana €9.00). People who love raw salmon will appreciate this dish. Fleshy salmon cut into small morsels and fresh herbs of the same size, which are a wonderful background taste to the fish. Crunching fried pancakes with marjoram is fun.

Large shrimps in garlic sauce with white beans (Scampi Fagioli. €9.00). Peeled shrimp with tender warm white beans and the aroma of herbs and spices. The contrast of seafood and beans is interesting.

Caprice RavioliPasta

Of course it is hard not to have pasta in an Italian restaurant. Let’s be faithful to the fish theme of the appetizers and try Τaglioni neri freschi con gamberi, pomodorini e basilico fresco: homemade pasta – black, with cuttlefish ink, is served with shrimps, cherry tomatoes and fresh basil (€16.50). The highest mark!

The pasta is al dente, as it should be, with tender slightly sweet tomato sauce, and delightfully large shrimps. The only thing which could compliment the dish, is a couple of spoons of grated parmesan.

The Hot Dish

Filetto di vitello in crostadirigatino, contortino di zucca, salsas enape in grani e aceto balsamico – veal fillet in prosciutto, served with mustard sauce and ratatouille (€29.00). Yes, the prosciutto has done well, making the meat soft and juicy. It is done perfectly and, of course, the slightly hot fragrant sauce is very fitting. I can recommend it!


Caprice Involtino Carre d'agnello

But the major attraction of the show today is lamb, in my opinion: Carré di agnello su dadolata di patate e verdure al rosmarino. The saddle of mutton, baked au gratin, made of fresh herbs, is served with morsels of potatoes and vegetables (€29.00). Everything is wonderful here – the tender lamb, fried crispy vegetables and, of course, the silky thick sauce with the aroma of rosemary.


Caprice Tiramisu
In spite of the dishes galore, a meal in Caprice is not heavy, and you will certainly have a desire for dessert. Rejecting this wish in an Italian restaurant would be considered a real crime.. I could not walk past panna cotta, while my friends made their choice in favour of tiramisu (Tiramisù €6.50). The sweet Italian classic was at its best. The tender, creamy panna cotta was served with a magic strawberry sauce and pieces of chocolate.

At the end of the meal I could only be sorry of one thing – the feast was over. Two wonderful hours spent enjoying a delicious meal under the starry Mediterranean skies, with the accompaniment of the cicadas’ and the wonderful hospitable atmosphere of the Londa boutique-hotel, were over.

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