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22 May 2017
First robotics competition in Cyprus

Cyprus Robotex Challenge

Cyprus will host the first robotics competition ‘Cyprus Robotex Challenge 17’. Pupils, students and adults will be able to create a robot based on Engino, LEGO, Edison and Arduino platforms

According to Panicos Masouras, a  head of the Cyprus Computer Society, participants and their robots will be challenged with number of tasks. For example, “duelling” between pairs of robots (Sumo), finding the exit from the maze and even walk around the city (City Passing).

Winners of the competition, in addition to the awards and scholarships, will have the opportunity to participate in the International Robotex 2017 tournament, which will be held this autumn in the Estonian capital Tallinn.

The last day for submitting applications for participation in the first Cyprus robotics contest is May 25th. Participation is free of charge.

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