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22 May 2017
How to stop illegal trade of cultural objects

Разрушение культурных ценностей

Cyprus was hosting the International Conference on Illegal Trade of Artefacts and Cultural Objects, where participants discussed possible prevention of such crimes and signed the Cultural Heritage Protection Treaty.

According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cyprus, crimes related to cultural objects and artefacts, including the destruction, looting and sale, largely contribute to the financing of terrorism. Accordingly, if there is no demand, there will not be a supply.

First draft of the Treaty was signed by Armenia, Cyprus, Greece, Portugal, San Marino and Mexico. The Treaty will help to bring to justice persons related to illegal excavations, import, export, possession, as well as illegal sale of artefacts.

Participants of the meeting noted that this issue has become particularly important because of the continuing war in Iraq and Syria. According to some estimates, the Islamic state group got around $ 150 million from the sale of antiques.

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