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4 Feb 2016
Indian company announced the creation of a vaccine to combat Zika virus

Вакцина против вируса Зика

Indian company Bharat Biotech International Limited announced the creation of a vaccine to combat Zika virus.

CEO Krishna Ella states that their firm was the first to file the patent application for a candidate vaccine about nine months ago.

Bharat Biotech International Limited has developed two types of vaccines. To test the effectiveness of the medication, a series of tests on animals and humans is required, which can take some time.

The Zika virus, has symptoms of mild headache, fever, malaise, conjunctivitis and aches in various parts of the body. The virus is particularly dangerous for pregnant women. It causes the development of microcephaly of the fetus — it is the congenital decrease of the size of the brain and skull, leading to intellectual disabilities.