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22 Feb 2016
Local resident tries to get attention of the Municipality


The resident of Lakatamia (Nicosia) decided to use Facebook in order to draw the attention of the Municipality to the issue of the car accidents near her house.

Marina Theodorou has posted images of the car accidents that happened in front of her house on her page in the social network and she encourages others to share them. She complains that street where she lives has turned into the racing track. Evidently, on the Kanteli Katelari Avenue, there are a lot of accidents where people get hurt and nearby shops and parked cars get damaged as well.

Mrs. Theodorou has added that the residents of the neighborhood have lost their sleep, because the majority of the accidents happen at night. Drivers exceed the permitted speed limits due to absence of the measures, which enforce the limitations. She hopes that sharing of the photos of the accidents will influence the Municipality to take measures to enforce the regulations.