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30 Mar 2018
Medieval Feast (every Saturday until 5th of May)

Cyprus Land proudly presents “Medieval Feast”

The mysterious Middle Ages… The time of brave knights, beautiful ladies, sincere feelings and emotions. The time of clashing swords and rich meals in a torches-lit atmosphere.
We invite you to travel through time and plunge into the world of the Middle Ages: See what Cyprus looked like about a thousand years ago – take a tour around the island – Cyprus Land features the largest model of the island (size – 30 x 12 metres). You will get a change to admire the layout of temples and monasteries, forts and fortresses as in the condition they were many centuries ago.

We will welcome you to the medieval village, treat with sweet wine and dried meat, present ancient armour, and tell about medieval weapons. You will experience the strength of a real bow’s string by sending the arrow dead on target, and children can get acquainted with the intricacies of pottery by creating their first clay jar or vase.

The event will be closed by a real medieval feast with wine and kleftiko – a unique Cypriot dish with the history that dates back to the Middle Ages. You will observe a real knight battle and national Cypriot dances. The excitement will stretch far beyond the improvised scene – gathering guests together to the sounds of the legendary Sirtaki, and honouring the Queen of the Feast (chosen by the victorious knight) who will bring a memorial crown back home from Cyprus to make a memory last!


  • See the world’s largest 3D model of the island
  • Demonstration of medieval armour and weapons
  • Archery Tournament
  • Clay modelling master class for children
  • Knight’s fight and crowning the Queen of the Feast
  • Dinner with kleftiko and wine (unlimited)
  • National Greek dances
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