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31 May 2017
Military exercise ‘Argonaftis 2017’ started in Cyprus

Военные учения на Кипре

The annual multinational military exercise “Argonaftis 2017” started in Cyprus yesterday and will last until 2nd June.

22 countries will take part in the international training, including the personnel of the National Guard, a coordination centre for rescue, civil defense department, police  forces and other representatives of other government institutions.

According to the Ministry of Defense, the exercise is divided into four stages and will take place within the territorial and sea borders and within the air space of the Larnaka region, as well as within the FIR and the EEZ of the Republic of Cyprus.

The training scenario involves the procedure for evacuating civilians from the Middle East countries, implementation of the search and rescue plan ‘Nearchos’, dealing with terrorist hijacking , as well as implementation of the National Plan ‘Aspida’ with the assistance from the police forces.

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