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29 Mar 2016
New attempt to mass-cross the border


The police of Greece is alerted by the possible new mass crossing of the borders by the refugees, the authorities of the FYROM and Bulgaria have already been informed on that matter.

Macedonia, which was used by the refugee to get into the central Europe, has closed its borders since the end of February.

Consequently, many thousands of refugees got blocked in Greece. On the 14th of March the group of almost 1,00 refugees has made an attempt to cross the Macedonian border in the place which is 5km away from the camp in Idomeni. This attempt was initiated by the flyers which were distributed among the refugees, which provided the map and called for the collective movement. As the result, 3 people drowned and the law enforcement authorities of Skopje did not let the refugees pass.

The Mega TV-channel reports that currently, in Idomeni, the information is being spread among the refugees, whereby they are told that the borders will open on Sunday and that they will be able to continue their way to Central Europe. People are supplied with the maps and instructions on how to cross the border.