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4 May 2017
New project as part of Life Euroturtles initiative


As part of European initiative ‘Life Euroturtles’, special light indicators will be attached to the fishing nets of local fishermen in Latchi and Pyrgos area this summer. The device is designed to help protecting green turtles by signaling about the danger, which will keep turtles away from the nets. The fisherman’s catch will be unaffected by the device.

Each device costs about 10-15 euro. The project is funded by the European Commission in collaboration with the Oceanography Center of the University of Cyprus.

The programme is supported by 5 more EU countries – Croatia, Greece, Italy, Malta and Slovenia.

The problem of safe nesting of turtles was also discussed earlier in Polis. Municipality of Polis has signed the deal with the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment about setting up a new reef , which will stretch from Latchi all the way to the Anassa Hotel.

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