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31 May 2017
Pafilia won Paphos marina tender

Порт Пафоса

The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism of Cyprus announced the winner of a tender for the construction of Paphos marina.

The construction of the Paphos marina will be undertaken by Pafilia construction company. Paphos marina construction was supposed to start 10 years ago, and only today the government approved Pafilia project as being the most beneficial to the city.

Marina of the popular resort of Paphos will be the largest on the island, and its estimated annual turnover will be about 700 million euro.

According to the project, marina will consist of 636 berths, a shipyard with the capacity of up to 364 vessels and the adjacent territory of 60 thousand square meters, featuring residential buildings, shops, cafes and restaurants. This will become a grand transformation of the south-western part of the island, making it even more attractive for living, tourism and investment.

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