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13 Jan 2017
Politicians are looking for the solution in Geneva

Карта Кипра

Over the last few days, the representatives of the Greek and Turkish communities managed to reach a significant progress in the territorial matters. For the first time in the decade, the experts from the both sides, in the presence of the UN Special advisor Mr. Espen Barth Eide, have presented the maps with detailed description of the borders of the future federation.

in accordance with the preliminary information, the Turkish part of the island will have approximately 30% of the territory. Additionally, at the request of the Greek side, the South will gain control over Morfou, the major part of Famagusta, as well as villages such as Kitrea, Ashia, Vatili, Lysi and Kondea.

Nevertheless, many aspect of the property ownership, governance, economy and financing are yet to be resolved.

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