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21 Mar 2016
President of Cyprus has express his condolences due to Rostov tragedy

Авиакатастрофа в аэропорту Ростова

The President of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades has sent his sincere condolences to the Russian government in relation to the airplane crash in the Rostov airport. Anastasiades expressed his deep compassion to the families of the victims and his solidarity ot the family of the Cypriot pilot who was on the plane – Arisos Socratos.

MFA of Cyprus is currently verifying the information that the captain of the aircraft which crashed in Rostov was the citizen of Cyprus. According ot the unofficial information, he was Cypriot born in Limassol and he studies in the Oxford Aviation Academy.

At 03:50 am on 19th of March 2016, the flight No. 981 Dubai- Rostov has crashed whilst making the 2nd attempt to land.

According to the preliminary information there were 61 individuals on board (55 passengers and 6 members of the crew).