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31 Aug 2019
“Rite of Purification”: how a pregnant Russian woman persecuted foreigners

50-year-old pregnant Russian woman suspected of murder in Cyprus

A pregnant 50-year-old Russian woman was detained in Cyprus on suspicion of organizing a “rite of purification”, during which people took a hallucinogenic tincture. One of the participants in the ceremony was a 34-year-old Latvian citizen: on the day of the event she was taken to a hospital, where she later died. The exact causes of death are established by investigators. Meanwhile, the police are looking for the husband of a Russian woman – a citizen of Colombia, who could deliver tincture for the ceremony in the country.
A 50-year-old Russian woman was detained in Cyprus on suspicion of organizing a “purification rite”, during which the participants took the hallucinogenic tincture “Ayahuasca”. After the event, one of the women was taken to the hospital – she later died, according to the Associated Press.
According to media reports, the ceremony was held on August 27 in the suburbs of Larnaca. Its participants were 20 foreigners who are not familiar with each other. Each of them paid the organizers € 150 each. During the event, people underwent a certain “rite of purification” with the help of the tincture “Ayahuasca” – a traditional drink of several cultures of South America. As noted by AP, “ayahuasca” contains a strong hallucinogen dimethyltryptamine, banned in the Russian Federation. As the Cyprus Police emphasized, the substance was discovered in the eastern Mediterranean for the first time.
Among the participants in the unusual event was a 34-year-old Latvian citizen, whose name was not disclosed in the interests of the investigation. Immediately after the ceremony, an ambulance took her to the hospital. Subsequently, the woman died.
At the moment, the exact causes of death have not been established – a number of studies will determine them. “Samples will be sent to the laboratory for toxicological and pathological tests, which should shed light on the cause of death,” police spokesman Larnaca Jaralambos Zahariu.

According to law enforcers, a sharp deterioration in the state of Latvia could occur due to the fact that she mixed ayahuasca with alcohol.
The main suspect in the death of a woman was a 50-year-old Russian woman – it was she who, presumably, organized an unusual “rite”. The woman was arrested directly in a private clinic in Limassol – there she was lying on preserving the pregnancy. According to the publication, the suspect in manslaughter carries twins. According to the decision of the judge of the Larnaca County, she was detained for six days until the circumstances of the incident were clarified.
Another suspect in the death of a Latvian woman was the 42-year-old husband of a detained citizen of the Russian Federation. The man is a native of Colombia. According to the police, it was he who could deliver the “ayahuasca” to Cyprus. Immediately after the event, he left the country, now he is wanted by Interpol.
The police are also looking for other participants in the “rite of purification. “We have already detained five or six people from this group, all of them testified,” said a policeman from Larnaca.

Earlier, the 26-year-old Murat Sabanov, detained in Moscow on June 25, decided to test the effects of psychotropic drugs on people.
According to the investigation, the man approached people on the streets and in bars, got acquainted with them and offered to drink a soft drink, in which he mixed drugs in advance. After the victims lost consciousness, the offender robbed them. The media dubbed him a “poisoner with soda.”
As a result, the Ministry of Internal Affairs initiated seven criminal cases against Sabanov. Law enforcement officers found in his apartment “convolution with white powder.” According to the results of the examination, drugs were added to it.
According to the investigation, a total of Sabanov’s actions caused damage in the amount of 150 thousand rubles. At least 11 people became its victims. Among the victims was Yaroslav Antipov, who spoke about his acquaintance with Sabanov. According to the young man, the man approached his company on June 7 on Chistoprudny Boulevard and offered to take a sip of soda.

“We did not see anything suspicious in this. They thought he was someone else’s friend. We took a sip. All then my next memories are already from the hospital. The three of them fell there, ”said a young man of REN TV. He also added that eyewitnesses drew attention to Sabanov when he was collecting things poisoned and drove him away. They called the police and ambulance.
As a result, the young man lay in a coma for six hours. At the hospital he was diagnosed with an “alcoholic coma mixed with psychoactive substances”. However, as Yaroslav notes, a full examination could not identify the substance: “Most likely, it quickly came out of the blood. It’s not clear what it was. ”

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