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19 Jun 2017
Saving around 1000 euro a year with cancellation of roaming charges


A new law about cancellation of roaming charges on the territory of all EU countries came into force. Now, according to the representative of the European Commission in Cyprus, every Cypriot can save up to 1042 euro annually.

The idea of ​​cancelling roaming charges, which was initiated 4 years ago, supports the core principles of the organisation, where EU is not only a single market, but also a single information space.

Until now, this principle was documented, but not implemented in practice. As soon as a citizen of any EU country was leaving its borders, he immediately got into the zone of roaming-service and accordingly overpaid for communication.

Now, for conversations, sms messages and use of mobile Internet in EU countries, Cypriots will pay the same charges as if they would pay in Cyprus.

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