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8 Jun 2016
SMS notifications for the issue and expiration of Passports and IDs


The Cyprus Migration Department has announced new SMS-notification service. After the activation, the public will be able to receive the notifications about the dates of issue and expiration of passports and IDs.

The third country national will get the notifications about the expiration of their residence permit. The first notification will be sent one month prior to the expiration and the second notification 15 days before the deadline. People will also be notified when the document will be ready.

For registration and activation of this service, it is necessary to send the text message (free of charge) to 8999 with the following text: RGT (space) ID card number (space), date of issue.

For example: RGT 123456 01/01/2010

Those, who would like to get a notification about the status of preparation of their passport or ID card, can do so without registration.

In order to get that information, they should send the text message (free of charge) to 8999 with the following text: STATUS (space), application No.

For example: STATUS 1234567

The information about the status of the residence permit for the third country nationals can also be acquired without registration and free of charge. The text message (free of charge) should be sent to 8999 with the following text: STATUS (space), application number.

For example: STATUS 1234/2016

For additional information, visit the website of the migration department (in Greek language).