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15 May 2017
Suspect in Marie- Eleni’s abduction case arrested


Cyprus Police for the second time has arrested a 49-year old resident of Netherlands. The woman suspected in co-organising a kidnapping of Marie-Eleni was arrested on 27th April and later released. With the new evidence becoming available to the police, the woman was again arrested last week.

Investigation results indicated that the woman was in charge of orranging a taxi, which took a girl from Dasoupolis. Woman’s DNA was found on the bottle left in the taxi car, as well as the phone records showed her being in contact with one of the suspects arrested earlier. Woman’s computer also contained Marie-Eleni’s picture and a passport copy. Woman will be now facing court charges.

Earlier the advocate of Norwegian national Torkel Grimsrud confirmed that the father took the girl from the kindergarten himself.

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