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5 Sep 2019
Temporary measures to allow access to Gesy to groups still unable to sign up

Temporary measures allowing access to Gesy services to those still struggling with citizenship or technical issues were put forward to the cabinet on Wednesday by Health Minister Constantinos Ioannou.

Piling onto the temporary measures passed by cabinet in July, whereby those who were unable to register for reasons relating to residence permits and citizenship were granted access to Gesy pending the issuing of the necessary documents by the civil registry, the cabinet moved on Wednesday to allow access to all those still struggling with registration.

The move came after the health ministry was made aware of new groups of Cyprus residents who were still barred from accessing the services of the universal health system which launched in June.

These groups include diplomats and employees of foreign embassies working in Cyprus, as well as European tourists or students studying on the island who are holders of the European health insurance card (EHIC).

A third group of Cyprus residents are still unable to register with Gesy due to technical issues, mainly due to the Gesy software.

According to the health insurance organisation (HIO), the process that is required in order to make the necessary changes to the Gesy software is complicated and will take time.

As such, the cabinet agreed to cover the cost of offering Gesy services to the above groups until the end of the year, by which time the changes are expected to have been made.

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