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6 Sep 2016
The Archbishop shared the financial plans of the church

Архиепископ Кипра Хризостом

The Archbishop of Cyprus Chrysostomos has announced the financial plans of the church. During his interview to sigmalive he discussed the matters of the amendments in the budget and new investments..

In the beginning Chrysostom plans to sell the share of the church in Hellenic Bank in case if the bank will not fulfil its obligations. Then the plan is to purchase a controlling share in another bank or create a new one.

Additionally, due to the rise of the tourist market, the Archbishop plans to build 6 hotels. He also mentioned a merger of KEO and Carlsberg, however this matter has not been finalized yet.

Regardless of the economic crisis, the Church managed to increase their assets by 500 million Euros and the overall assets are estimated to be more than 1,5 billion Euros.