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30 Mar 2016
The Minister Of Civil Aviation firmly believes in the security of the Egyptian airports

Шериф Фатхи

The Head of the Ministry of Civil Aviation in Egypt Sherif Fahti stated that all of the airport in Egypt are fully compliant with the security norms. He gave this statement after the incident with the hijacking of the EgyptAir’s aircraft.

“All airports in Egypt are fully compliant with the international security regulations. Every incident has its consequences and they will be solved in the nearest future. We have our full trust in our security services and in the measures that they take to ensure the security of our airports” – said Fahti.

The Press Secretary of the president of Russian Federation – Dmitry Peskov has sated earlier that it is too early to make any decisions to resume flights between Russia and Egypt. According to him, it is necessary to wait until the results of the

investigation in order to understand whether this incident will have any impact on when the flights will be resumed.