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22 Aug 2016
The tomb full of treasures found in Cyprus

Раскопки на Кипре


The History Blog portal reported that the archaeologists from the Gothenbourg University (Sweden) has made an interesting discovery during their excavations – they found a family tomb which is dated 1500 – 1400 B.C.

According to the scientists, they were lucky to find one of the richest tombs ever discovered in Cyprus. In the tombs there are remain of 17 people: 8 children aged around 5-10 and 9 adults, who was probably around 40 years old at the time of death.

Moreover, over 100 ceramic jars were found inside the tombs, as well as large number of jewelry made from gold, amulets in the shape of scarabs, precious stones, bronze dagger and 5 seals.


The analysis has shown that some of the artifacts were made in Cyprus and other were made in Syria, Mesopotamia and Egypt.

The ceramic jars have attracted particular attention of the scientists- various aspects of life of the people of that time are depicted on their surfaces, which will help to have a better understanding of that era.