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15 Feb 2016
“Titanic 2” will make its maiden voyage in 2018


First drawings of “Titanic 2” were recently published. It is the copy of the infamous ship, which sunk in 1912 during the maiden voyage.

The project is managed by Australian businessman, Mr. Clive Palmer. It is forecasted, that the maiden voyage will take place in the year 2018: the ship will sail from Jiangsu (China) to Dubai.

The cruise liner will be able to accommodate 2,4 thousand passengers in 840 cabins. The crew will consist of 900 individuals.

The length of the liner will be 270 meters and the height will be 53 meters. Passengers will be place in the first, second and third classes. Of course, price of the tickets will reflect the grades accordingly.

Currently, it is not specified what will be the price of those tickets, however there are rumors that some passengers are willing to pay up to 1 million USD for the ticket.