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6 Feb 2016
Top news of the week


Dangerous complications! One woman died due to swine flu

A woman has died after being infected with influenza virus H1N1 – this is the instance of infection in Cyprus. Dreadful event took place in the hospital of Nicosia, where 51-year old woman was admitted. Apparently, the swine flu, also known as virus H1N1, is dangerous due to complications that it can cause. Therefore, it is very important to visit a medical practitioner once symptoms occur and do not attempt to sort the issue out without professional help. Usually, the disease develops in quite a standard way- fever, cough, which lasts for around a week, followed by recovery. Overall, 19 people were admitted at the hospitals and 13 of them were released home. Five individuals remain under supervision of the professionals. One patient died. Earlier it was reported, that two people became victims of the virus in the Northern Cyprus.

Different requirements, one solution! Several strikes took place in the country

Several strikes were held this week in Cyprus. The most prominent was the strike of the medical personnel. It was caused by the plans of the government to increase the retirement age from 65 to 68 years. Strike lasted only half of the day, however hundreds of patients were left without medical attention. Bus drivers in Larnaka organized another strike. They demand the increase of their salary and return of collective agreements. Similar demands were also brought up by employees of the hotel sector, who are not yet striking, but ready to do so. Taxi drivers also has a reason to strike: they complain about extremely high, in their view, taxes and other associated costs, such as parking, for example.

More airline carriers! Cyprus and Russia lift the restrictions

Russia and Cyprus agreed to lift the restrictions concerning the number of airline carriers. The reason for review of the legislation was the bankruptcy of major airlines- Cyprus Airways and Transaero. The latter will be replaced by “Rossiya” airlines. However, there is no replacement for the former carrier, because another national carrier of the island has not been appointed yet. Therefore, Nicosia has requested Moscow to permit European carriers based in Cyprus to perform the flights. In practice this agreement means an increase in the number of flights and theoretically, in future, reduction in the price of the tickets.

Britain will return to Cyprus of the territory after the reunification of the island

The number of UN peacekeeping troops will increase. The relevant announcement was made during this week, following the corresponding decision of the UN Security Council. Another part of the decision was to extend the mandate of presence in the buffer zone for another 6 months – until the end of July 2016. Extension of the mandate is a routine procedure, however it plays an even more important role in the light of the efforts made by leaders of Greek and Turkish communities on the matter of reunification. The discussions are ongoing and every new round inspires optimism. Furthermore, during this week, British authorities have announced their readiness to return to Cyprus parts of the territory occupied by the military bases. This will only happen, however, once the real reunification occurs. Nevertheless, London has pointed out that bases will remain anyway- due to their strategic importance.

Fees went down! Electricity cost decreases once again

Electricity prices will be reduced by 7%. The relevant decision is already made. The Electricity Authority of Cyprus has explained that the reduction of tariffs is caused by the fall in the price of gas and oil. Overall, electricity price dropped by 23% over the year. Nevertheless, the EAC would like to remind the consumers to pay their bills on time, otherwise the supply will be disconnected.