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1 Oct 2016
Top News of the Week


Cyprus invites Russia to its gas fields

The Cyprus authorities would like to invite Russian companies to develop the gas fields of the Republic. According to the Ambassador of Cyprus in Moscow, this will be beneficial for the balance in the region.

Quite recently Cyprus and Egypt signed an agreement for the supply of gas. However Nicosia hopes that new gas fields will be found and expects Russian companies to participate in the research and extraction of the resources.

Moreover, Cyprus plans to promote the idea of abolition of visas for Russian citizens. Regardless of the fact that they currently have to make a free pro-visa, the Cyprus authorities would like to remove this requirement. Moreover, the Ambassador noted that the number of tourists visiting the Republic is increasing. So far, in 2016, some 650,000 tourists visited the country, which is 25% than in the whole of 2015.

Cyprus aims to reduce paperwork by introducing electronic access to justice

The title of “country with electronic justice” may soon be applicable to Cyprus. The island will significantly alter the process of Court proceedings. In October, the government will announce the tender for the creation of the new system.

The Minister of Justice said that this is done in order to simplify the whole process – from filing the initial application to the final decision on the case. The immense amount of paperwork shall be just a memory of the past: the application will be filed from the office using the computer and the progress on the case can be monitored online.

One thing will remain unchanged – the decisions will still be made by human judges.

Free Wi-Fi in public places

The free Wi-Fi access will become available for the residents and the tourist of the Republic in the most popular public places. The Cyprus authorities are planning to establish the access spots in maximum 4 months, which is the deadline stated in the contact which is almost signed between the government and a private company.

It is expected that the Wi-Fi access will be available in the tourist spots such as museums and excavation sites, as well as in socially important places such as hospitals, citizen service centers and major transport hubs.

Overall, there will 135 access spots, which will cost the government 75,000 Euros.

The President of Cyprus celebrated his anniversary in Paris and in London.

This week the President of the Republic has celebrated his 70th anniversary. He celebrated the occasion quite modestly, but both in London and in Paris, which were in his  work schedule during the past week.

Anastasides received the first congratulations from the Cypriots, who live in U.K. During the meeting where the reunification of Cyprus was discussed, he received a cake in the shape of the island. At lunchtime he met with British Prime Minister Theresa May and after he left to Paris.

There is no information about the evening celebrations, but the next morning Anastasiades met with Francois Holland.

Congratulations to the winners of the first J80 International Cyprus Day regatta!

The team of “Russian Radio” won the first place in J80 International Cyprus Day regatta in Limassol.

Several dozens of the sailing sport assembles in the Marina. The beginner’s luck rule worked this time – two of the three members of the team went sailing for the first time. The desire for victory, team spirit and experience of the skipper earned the First Place for the team in the competition.

The story of fierce competition and secrets of success is in our detailed video report, which is available on our website and on the “Russian Radio” Facebook page.