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18 Feb 2017
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Let’s make Cyprus Green again! Large-scale charity movement started in Cyprus

The new large-scale charity movement started in Cyprus. The volunteers of the GreenCyprusCom movement planted 100 trees in the vicinity of the Aprhodite’s rock. This s how the non-profit organisation attempts to help to restore the trees in Cyprus, which were destroyed by the catastrophic forest fires.

The first participants of the charity event were the dozens employees of Cyprus Inform, Cyprus Land and Russian Radio in Cyprus, as well as members of their families. However, anyone is welcome to join the movement.

By visiting the GreenCyprusCom website, it is possible to choose a tree for planting and to arrange the suitable time, all other aspects, including transfers to the site, will be taken care by the organisation. Furthermore, it is possible to make a donation to support the project.

The afore-named movement will be partly funded by the sale of tickets in the Medieval theme park Cyprus Land. The GreenCyprusCom is organised with the support of the well-known entrepreneur, president of GL Finance Group Mr. German Lilleväli.

Overall, the plan is to plant over 20,000 trees, in order to return the title of “Green island” to Cyprus.

The meeting is cancelled! The decision of the Cyprus Parliament created quarrels between the negotiators

The referendum, which took place 67 years ago, has created quarrels between the parties participating in the negotiations about the reunification of the island. The decision of the Cyprus Parliament to annually celebrate the historical event caused negative reaction on the occupied territories.

The matter concerns the unofficial referendum of 1950 about the annexation of Cyprus to Greece, known as Enosis. Back then, almost 96% voted “Yes”. However, the island was still under British colonial rule , so there was no official permission from the authorities, so the referendum took place in churches. Even though the referendum did not have any consequences and/or results, it was very important for Cypriots.

Now, the leader of Turkish Cypriots demands to reconsider the decision of the Parliament, because it jeopardizes the whole negotiation process. Mr. Nicos Anastasiades, in turn, blamed the authorities of the occupied territories for overreacting. He also added, that in the North, the population celebrates the anniversaries of the Turkish invasion, which is very painful for the Greek-Cypriots.

Message from Putin. President of Cyprus received letter of gratitude from Moscow

Vladimir Putin has sent a message to the President of Cyprus. This was announced during the meeting of Nicos Anastasiades and the Chairman of the Supreme Court of Russia Mr. Viacheslav Lebedev, who arrived to the island in order to develop the cooperation between the judicial authorities of the two countries.

As far the the message is concerned, Mr. Lebedev said that Putin expressed his gratitude to the President of Cyprus for the fulfillment of all previous agreements and epressed his hope for future development of the bilateral relations.

Carnival in Limassol. The city is immersed in the festive atmosphere

Limassol – is one of the best cities for living. The relevant list was published by the Mercer company, which creates such ratings on annual basis. Limassol was placed on the 88th  in the list (Moscow was ranked 206th).

39 various aspects were taken into consideration – from personal security to ecological conditions. All of these are at very good level, as well as entertainment opportunities!

This weekend the city will be immersed in the carnival atmosphere once again. The city will host numerous events, which will culminate in the Grand Parade, which will feature over 100 participating teams and attracts thousands of tourist every year.

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