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23 Apr 2016
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True reason for Nuland’s visit to Cyprus

Cyprus had a VIP visitor during this week. Victoria Nuland – the assistant of the Secretary of State has visited the island. It may first appear that her position is not that important, however Mrs. Nuland is an important figure on the political scene of the world. She meets with leaders of various countries and she is always in the center of action – for example, she visited Kiev just before Yanukovich was ousted and she had a stroll on Maidan Nezalezhnosti. So therefore, as soon as she arrived to Cyprus, she immediately had a meeting with the President Anastasiades, where they discussed the Cyprus problem. Nuland has acknowledged a significant progress on that matter. She also discussed the same question with the leader of the Northern Cyprus Mr. Akinchi. Currently the analysts are trying to predict as to what will happen next. The arrival of John Kerry’s assistant is very unlikely to be simply a matter of politeness, taking into account the fact that the Secretary of State has visited Nicosia personally quite recently. One of the possible reasons is the issue of Turkey- they are trying to make Cyprus less rigid in relation to the EU’s offers to Ankara. Turkey is trying to get the most out of the refugee problem, including achieving visa-free travel to the EU and possible membership in the EU. However all of the EU’s attempts can be easily blocked by the Cyprus government

British Marines will protect Cyprus from terrorists

British Royal marines will guard the beach of Cyprus. The group of elite spec. ops will be sent to Cyprus in order to avoid the similar tragedy, which happened last year in Tunisia. There, the terrorists attacked the tourists on the beach and among numerous casualties, there were 30 citizens of Great Britain. It has been reported that the spec ops will be patrolling the Cyprus’ shoreline in order to quickly respond to any terrorist threat.

Cyprus gains popularity as holiday destination

Cyprus is one of the most popular holiday destinations, according to the statistical data of the first months of 2016. The number of tourist is constantly increasing from Russia, as well as U.K. and Germany. The Cyprus Tourism Organization has predicted that the upcoming season will be the most successful in the whole history of the island. However, the reason is not that Cyprus got any better, the reason is that the neighboring countries got worse. The flow of tourists to Turkey and Egypt has almost stopped, thus making the tourism sector almost bankrupt. On the other hand, the income of the Cyprus hotel owners, as well as shop and restaurant owners is constantly increasing. In light of the above, the Cyprus authorities are currently trying to resolve the matter of transport accessibility of the island. Few days ago, there were problems in the Paphos International airport. People were waiting in queues for several hours in order to pass the border control. The management of the airport has promised to resolve this issue by updating the software system, so that the tourists will spend less time at the passport control booths. Furthermore, the number of employees will be increased by transferring staff from the Larnaca airport, however it is important not to let the situation deteriorate there as well.

The use of drones will be regulated

The Cyprus authorities have decided to regulate the use of the drones. The owners of such aircrafts (their number is constantly increasing) will have to follow a certain set of rules. Initially, the drones are separated into two classes. In case if they are not capable of flying above 50 metres and their weight is less than 3 kg, then they will belong to the 1st category and will no require any special licenses to perform flight, nevertheless, their owners will have to adhere to the provisions of the personal data protection legislation. All other drones, heavier, with higher flight altitude and those used for commercial purposes, will be placed in the 2nd category. Their owners must acquire Civil Aviation license from the authorities and request permission for every flight.