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9 May 2016
Transit of Mercury in Cyprus

Транзит Меркурия по диску Солнца

One of the rarest astronomy occurrences, the transit of Mercury around the solar disk, can be seen today in Cyprus.

The transit on the 9th of May stands out because of ease of observation – the Sun will be high enough above the horizon and the clouds will not cause any obstructions. Additionally, the spring transits occur less frequently: the last one was back in 2003 and the next one will happen in 33 years.

The first contact can be seen in Cyprus at 2.11pm and the second after 3 minutes. Two more contact will take place later on, but they will not be visible from Cyprus.

The 1010Asteroskopeion company has specialized safe telescopes which are mounted on the roof of the organization. Everybody is welcome to observe and record the occurrence.

The entrance is free.