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22 Sep 2017
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Harness and explode. In Limassol,  were made attacks on two car showrooms. Fresh water is less. Why are deposits in Cyprus reservoirs melting? Cyprus beats tourist records. How many tourists have visited the island in the summer?

Meeting Anastasiadis And Lavrov

The Cyprus settlement was the main topic of the meeting between Nikos Anastasiadis and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. The talks took place in New York on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly. The President of Cyprus and the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry meet quite often, since in May Lavrov flew to the island for a three-day visit. And every time on the part of the Russian authorities assurances are voiced in full support of efforts aimed at uniting the island. So it was this time. Lavrov stressed that the decision should be viable, fair and based on the already adopted UN resolutions. In addition, the speech at the meeting came about the forthcoming visit of Anastasiadis to Russia, he will be held from 23 to 25 October. It is expected that in Moscow the parties can sign 8 agreements.


Harness and blow up

In the week of another powerful explosion thundered in Limassol. The target of criminals was a shop of electric machines and scooters. The bomb worked in the middle of the night – at half-past four, there was no one at the salon at that moment, but a violent fire broke out, which practically destroyed the store. The police are looking for intruders and checking the possible connection of this explosion with a succession of previous ones. So far it has been reported only that the bomb was self-made, and the institution belonged to the citizen of Cyprus. A little earlier in Limassol burned another car dealership – used cars. There was no explosion, but the police say about arson. The fire destroyed five cars.


Fresh water is less

In Cyprus, fresh water is decreasing. The reason is a hot and arid years. As told in the department of water resources, now in the reservoirs accumulated slightly more than 18 percent of the normal volume, and this is a quarter less than a year ago. Meteorologists have nothing to calm yet – the rains are not expected in the near future. It is worth noting that, despite such very unfortunate figures, there is no need to panic. The authorities have long foreseen problems with natural reservoirs and solve the problem by means of desalination plants – they are able to cover the needs of the inhabitants of the country.


Travel records

Cyprus continues to beat tourist records. In the week it became known that in August the island was visited by more than 520 thousand foreigners. This is absolutely the best indicator for the last month of the summer, for example, a year ago it was 14 percent less. And in just over one and a half million travelers came to Cyprus over the summer. At the same time, the season is not over yet, hotels continue to receive tourists. And the statistical service predicts new records.


Cypriot became world champion

Pleasant news for sailing enthusiasts. The title of world champion in the week was won by the representative of Cyprus Pavlos Contidis. He won in the competition of small single-class Lazer yachts, held in Croatia. Contidis is far from a novice in the world of professional sports, he was the silver medalist of the 2012 Olympics, but the world champion becomes the first.

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