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26 May 2017
Week’s Top Stories


Riots were going on for almost an hour. Football fan clashes in Limassol

One of the most discussed events of the week was football fan riots, organised in Limassol by supporters of competing football clubs.

Clashes happened on Tuesday evening. In front of the frightened tourists and residents of Limassol, dozens of football hooligans were smashing shop windows, burning firecrackers, throwing stones and even Molotov cocktails. Many of rioters were armed with sticks and bats.

The unrests continued for a long time, it can be seen from the videos filmed by witnesses and published on the Internet. It was reported that, in this way, by rumbling everything on the way, setting trash bins on fire and smashing shop windows, fans of the local football clubs AEL and Apollon were trying to prove each other who is better.

Police was not rushing to stop the clashes and were able to take the crowds under control only after arrival of special police force units. The next day, Cypriot media reported arrests of six people aged between 18 and 29 years, although it is obvious that more youngsters participated in the riots.

It is known that the office of a well known company and the office of the honorary consul of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Cyprus were seriously damaged. Football riots in Cyprus traditionally happen every year in May, and residents now are left wondering why the police is not taking action to prevent it.

Cyprus also touched by the tragedy. Manchester attack victims reported

The daughter of a Cyprus citizen died during the terrorist attack in Manchester. 8-year-old Saffie Rose Roussos was in the concert hall with her mother and older sister when the explosion happened. Relatives of the girl, who live in Cyprus, have already flown to the UK.

As reported earlier, the terrorist attack happened on May 22nd. Tragic death of more than 20 people was reported, as well as about 100 people were found injured.

Parties are open to compromises! What are the solutions for ‘Cyprus problem’?

Tension still remains between both parties. This is how a special representative of the UN Secretary General Espen Barth Eide described the situation with the ongoing negotiations on Cyprus reunification after meeting Nikos Anastasiades.

According to Eide, the work will continue, and this is not a matter of the next few days. Despite all disagreements, parties still are dedicated to find a compromise. Only after developing a common understanding of the most important issues, it will be possible to organize a conference in Geneva and discuss the future of Turkish and Greek Cypriots.

Cyprus reunification talks have been going on for a long time, with no significant results yet.

Things to see and explore. Why tourist guides recommend visiting Paphos?

Paphos is recommended as a ‘must visit’ destination this summer. One of the largest tourism guidebook publishers Lonely Planet has included Paphos in the list of top ten recommended European cities and regions to be visited this summer.

City of Paphos, which is the European Capital of Culture 2017 is attracting visitors with unique historical and cultural monuments, as well as variety of exhibitions, concerts and workshops. Beautiful coastal landscapes and beaches are also a great advantage.

It is also worth noting that Cyprus is in the top list of the countries with the cleanest swimming water in Europe. The European Environmental Agency conducted a survey of 20,000 beaches across the European Union. Cyprus has scored 99% in the survey, which means that almost all beaches and waterfronts are safe for swimming. This is the second best result among European Union countries. The first place was taken by Luxembourg.


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