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New Ultramodern Housing Complex Marsalita

The Marsalita housing complex, is situated on one of the most popular resort areas of the island in Coral Bay, each of the nine villas has its own unique design.

The resort village has all the tourist and infrastructure necessary easy living, whilst a sandy beach located right on the coral bay shore, can be compared with Nissi Bay in Аya-Napa for its comfort, the length the of shore line, its flat sea bottom and the fine sand that is so pleasant to lie on.

It will take you no more than a 15 minutes drive by car to get from the housing complex to the bustling seafront of old the city of Paphos with taverns galore, little shops and interesting sights.

Alternately another short trip from Coral Bay to the west of the island, you can visit the Akamas reserve area with its virginal nature, the Fontana Amorosa bay, Manolis bay, as well as the popular Blue Lagoon.

It is in Akamas, on the Lara Beaсh, where large wild turtles come every year to lay their eggs in the shelter of the bay buried in the thick sands, a site well worth visiting.


Housing Complex Marsalita

The new housing complex Marsalita is not only an innovation in the construction philosophy, but also a combination of true comfort, esthetics, attention to detail and what is extremely important, the correct choice of a land site for building your dream house.


Housing Complex Marsalita. Villa 8Housing complex Marsalita was built to a special design using the latest in modern technology and construction materials. The quality of construction meets all international requirements regarding energy efficiency and also safety standards accepted in countries with a high seismic activity.

Modern technological solutions used by the real estate developer do not only protect the house from adverse weather conditions, but also ensure warmth and sound absorption, fire-resistance and durability of the building thus creating comfortable conditions for the inhabitants of in the villa.

Roofs, windows and doors

The roofs of Marsalita houses are covered with clay tiles of a new generation, which does not fade and maintains its rich color for many decades. A triple insulation and waterproofing of the roof is installed before the tiling and ensures good protection from moisture plus heat and cold thus preserving comfort and a constant temperature in the house.

Reliable plastic coated steel windows, doors and roller blinds made in Germany are functional, reliable to use, have a sophisticated design and what is most important meet the target of maintaining a constant comfortable temperature and quiet in the premises.

Finishing and garden

Housing Complex Marsalita. Villa 6Genuine stone was used to finish the façade of the house, while balconies of the villa are decorated with balustrades and columns made from Syrian marble.

The price of the villa includes landscaping of the residential yard incorporating Mediterranean features. Palms and other fruit and exotic trees are planted in the yard, and there is also a beautiful green lawn .

Air Conditioning system

The houses of the Marsalita housing complex use modern conditioning systems, designed by company Mitsubishi Heavy industries. The essence of the system’s operations is in its ability to reuse heat energy, which has already been spent and ‘released’ into the atmosphere and use it a second time to heat premises.

During the summer time this principle is used for additional cooling of the premises. This has the advantage of being more cost effective.


Housing Complex Marsalita. Villa 7Housing Complex Marsalita. Villa 7Housing Complex Marsalita. Villa 7

Pool and water, internet and TV

Each house has an overflow pool with a modern clean-up system, water filtering and ionization.

Right in the house there is an additional filtration system for tap water, which ensures its use without additional cleansing, right from the tap.

The housing complex has two satellite television systems installed – European HotBird and Russian Rikor (Акtiv ТV), аs well as a high-speed wireless internet service.


Housing Complex Marsalita. Villa 9

Additional services

Each buyer of a villa in Marsalita will be offered the following services:

  • a permanent life-long residential permit;
  • servicing of the house, garden and pool;
  • help in property insurance;
  • help in receiving medical insurance;
  • opening of banking accounts and receiving credits;
  • recommendations and help when sending children to school;
  • help in leasing the villa out;
  • organization of any entertainment events (fishing, outings, celebrations).

Prices for villas:

  • villa 1 – 2,200,000 euros;
  • villa 2 – 2,100,000 euros;
  • villa 3 – 1,700,000 euros;
  • villa 4 – 1,700,000 euros;
  • villa 5 – 1,700,000 euros;
  • villa 6 – 1,700,000 euros;
  • villa 7 – 1,600,000 euros;
  • villa 8 – 1,500,000 euros;
  • villa 9 – 1,500,000 euros;




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organization of events

organization of education

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renovation and repairs

servicing and technical support

legal support

financial operations

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