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Europe is open for everyone!


The modern world develops at incredible speed. People are not limited anymore in the access to the information, in the possibility to work from any place in the world, in the speed of travel, and as a matter of fact, in the choice of the most comfortable and appealing country of residence.

Many are attracted by the already developed or rapidly developing countries of the European Union and their choice is totally justified. Europe has always been attractive due to its traditions, culture, democratic society and unique feeling of ultimate freedom.

The European Union economies became more open for the non-EU country nationals due to the immigration programs.

This tendency is confirmed by the Eurostat statistics service which reported the number of the residence permits that were issued in the EU to third-country nationals in the year 2014.

According to the statistical data, the European Union countries have issued approximately 2,3 million new residence permits to third-country nationals. This amount is only 2% less than the number of issued permits in 2013.

The majority of the new residence permits for the Russian citizens were issued by Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland in 2014.

Европейский союзThe statistical data shows that the United Kingdom issued the majority of the new residential permits, in total of 567 806 permits:

  • 96 501 (17%) – family reunification;
  • 177 234 (31,2%) – student visas;
  • 116 707 (20,6%) – employment visas;
  • 177 364 (31,2%) – for other reasons.

The citizens of the following countries got the majority of the new residence permits:

  • USA – 136 202 (24%);
  • China (including Hong Kong) – 73 878 (13%);
  • India – 72 691 (12,8%);
  • Australia – 19 479 (3,4%);
  • Pakistan – 17 008 (3%);
  • Citizens of other countries – 248 548 (43,8%).

In fact, the permits issued by the UK and five other EU countries, amounted to more than 75% of total residence permits issued in 2014. Those countries are Poland, France, Spain, Germany and Italy.

There are several countries providing attractive immigration programs which have been in demand for recent years. These programs have been proven by thousands of people as a successful and reliable way to settle in Europe.

Actually, Portugal issued 29 764 permits in 2014, Hungary – 21 188 and Bulgaria – 8 795.


Type of visaTotal%Citizens ofTotal%
PortugalFamily13 84646,5Brazil8 33428,0
Student3 40711,4China (including Hong Kong)4 71115,8
Employment6 40921,5Cabo Verde 2 6388,9
Other6 10220,5Angola1 8416,2
Guinea-Bissau1 5645,3
Other         1067635,9
HungaryFamily6 73631,8China (including Hong Kong)6 26929,6
Student5 16824,4USA1 6557,8
Employment3 73317,6Russia1 5007,1
Other5 55126,2Ukraine1 1645,5
 Turkey1 0024,7
 Other9 59845,3
BulgariaFamily 2 59129,5Russia3 30737,6
Student91110,4Turkey2 34726,7
Other4 98956,7China (including Hong Kong)2603,0
 Other2 04923,3


However, island countries are traditionally highly popular. If we calculate the correlation between the number of the issued residence permits and the number of the citizens, it is evident that the biggest share of the new residence permits in 2014 was issued by Malta (23 permits for 1 000 citizens)- 9 895 permits in total. Cyprus is the second country in this correlation (16 permits per 1 000 citizens) with 13 841 permits in total.


Type of visaTotal%Citizens ofTotal%Type of visaTotal%Citizens ofTotal%
Family207721,0Libya3 10031,3Family2 11115,3Philippines2 16915,7
Student292429,6Russia8668,8Student1 44410,4Russia2 13315,4
Employment204420,7Serbia 6026,1Employment7 98957,7Sri Lanka1 46410,6
Other285028,8Philippines4976,2Other2 29716,6Nepal1 2058,7
Syria4184,2India1 0777,8
Other4 41244,6Other5 79341,9


There are many various reasons for immigration including business, economic instability of the native country or a definite desire to change lifestyle. Many people of different nationalities make a decisive step towards their new life.

Our task is to help you to solve all your challenges on this way!

Our specialists are happy to provide you with all the necessary information and professional support in getting residence permits in Great Britain, Portugal, Hungary and Bulgaria. Also we can assist you to acquire citizenship through investments in Malta and Cyprus.

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