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In fact, Cyprus is one of the best!


What are the main criteria of your holiday destination?

Obviously, there are many things to consider. But safety is one of the most important factors (and we think, you would agree).

Well, what are the most important criteria of the country to immigrate? Probably, there should be stable economic system and political environment, friendly people and pleasant climate. You should be sure that your family and your children are secure living in a sound society.

Specialists of American research agency “The Value Penguin” published the rating of the safest countries in the world in 2015. And we are in advance to share the results of this rating with you hoping that it will be useful for you.

Especially, we are happy to note that Cyprus hits the fifth place. EASY-IMMI specialists are highly experienced in execution Cyprus citizenship by Investment Program and Residence Permits. And we are happy to find our wonderful island in the list of countries recommended for a successful immigration.

The main factors, considered in the rating, are the following: population, CO2 emissions, life expectancy as well as the number of national police personnel, traffic deaths, thefts and assaults per 100,000 people.

Let’s start!

  • The first place is totally deserved by Switzerland as it has been the safest country in the world for several years already.

Why? Look at the data.

Just seven violent crimes are registered per 100,000 people. This country has secure neighbors: Italy (No.6 in the rating) and France (No.7) and the residents are required to have an obligatory health care coverage. No doubts, this requirement positively influences the lifespan and national health. In addition, Switzerland treats foreigners amicably and there are 2 million expats.


Population: 8,157,896 people

Safety score: 37 points

  • Singapore is the most environmentally-friendly country in the rating that is why it takes the second place. The annual emission of CO2 is 54% less than in other countries. The economy has created an excellent regulatory framework and brilliant business conditions, thus, more and more expats are coming to Singapore each year.


Population: 5,517,102 people

Safety score: 42 points

  • The third place in the rating is taken by Spain that has substantially improved its position during the last year. The amount of traffic accidents in Spain is 61% less than in neighbor countries. For instance, Andorra, located to the North and the smallest country in this rating, has the 98th

Facts :

Population: 47,066,402 people

Safety score: 43 points

  • The most populous country among the top five – Japan is the fourth, partially, because this island has extremely high life expectancy. The average duration of life here is 83 years, the same as in Switzerland. According to the State’s report, “Japan is a cornerstone of U.S. security interests in Asia and is fundamental to regional stability and prosperity,”


Population: 126,999,808 people

Safety score: 51 points

  • The Republic of Cyprus, a magnificent island for living and coming for vacations, rounds out the ranking. Cyprus beat the aforementioned four countries in the number of national police personnel per 100,000 people and amount of thefts per 100,000 people. Apparently, the number of police staff is not a safety indicator itself, but Cyprus is one of the best countries to reside in as it has very few thefts.


Population: 1,153,058 people

Safety score: 63 points

Obviously, it is hard to compare a big country with its smaller competitor.

That is the reason do divide all the countries according to population and we get slight differences in the ranking:

  • Spain is the first among countries with more than 20 million residents.
  • Switzerland is the first among countries that have residents from 5 to 20 million.

And, definitely!

  • Cyprus is the first among countries with less than 5 million residents.

The specialists of EASY-IMMI totally understand how hard it is to decide to change your life cardinally and move to another country.

We hope that this ranking is useful for you and it demonstrates a high level of customer service provided by our company as we offer the best high quality immigration programs to the top countries.

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