Business in Cyprus


EASY-IMMI is the only immigration agency in Cyprus, specializing on citizenship by investment and residence programs. Being the market leader in this field, we provide consultations all over the world no matter where the client lives and which citizenship he/she holds.

EASY-IMMI’s energetic team works with wealthy individuals, entrepreneurs, global citizens and their families, who wish to find the perfect solution for their particular case.

Citizenship by investment and residence programs have become very popular over the past few years. This is evidently the result of the increase in globalization worldwide. Global Citizen or World Citizen is a new term that is being used more and more recently.

Citizenship and residence programs were created exactly for people, who do not live in one place anymore but prefer the freedom of movement. A particular interest in these programs comes from international active businessmen or investors – individuals who look for new opportunities outside the box.

Our focus is to find the best solution for each and every of our clients, regardless of their nationality and social status. EASY-IMMI’s approach is to understand your needs, desires and abilities; to consult and advise you on the right program suitable for your particular case and provide the citizenship/PR of your dreams for you and your family!


Each member of our team knows and believes in core values, which are:

  • Offering high quality service to each of our clients
  • Finding the best solution
  • Making the immigration process EASY
  • Being ethical correct and following the world’s highest service standards

Company services

EASY-IMMI offers immigration services in Cyprus such as:

  1. Registration of an EU citizen and his/hers family members that are also EU citizens
  2. Residence card of a non – EU citizen who is married with an EU citizen
  3. Temporary Residence permit (pink slips)
  4. Permits for the spouse/relatives of CY citizens (pink slips)
  5. Employment Permits (non – EU nationals)
  6. Registration of Cyprus companies with the ministry of foreign affairs
  7. Long Term Residence Permits (Category E)
  8. Long Term Residence Permits (Category F)
  9. Citizenships by naturalization
  10. Citizenships by investment

Additionally, EASY-IMMI offers Citizenship by investment programs to clients in the following countries: Saint Kitts and Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda, Commonwealth of Dominica, Grenada, Malta and Residence by investment programs in Portugal, Hungary, Bulgaria and etc.

Contact EASY-IMMI to arrange a consultation either online, in one of our offices, or upon personal meeting at your location. EASY-IMMI consultants will be happy to give you advice on different Citizenship by investment and Residence programs.

Immigration is EASY with EASY-IMMI!

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