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Maro Pastou Consulting Company

If you want to get citizenship in Cyprus, a pink slip in Cyprus (permission to a temporary residence) or a residence permit in Cyprus, but have no time to deal with the documents, if you don’t have time to issue a work permit for your employees or to change your driving license to a European one, – it’s not a problem! Maro Pastou’s company will help you with all this!

Consulting services in Cyprus

Maro Pastou Consulting

Immigration services:

  • Citizenship in Cyprus,
  • Temporary Residence permit (pink slips),
  • Employment Permits (non – EU nationals),
  • Registration of Cypriot companies.
  • Conversion of a foreign driving license to a European one.

A lot of clients have turned to Maro Pastou’s consulting company: businessmen, directors and employees.

Among these unique services, the company deals with the proccess of citizenship for millionaires who want to invest in Cyprus to get nationality in 6 months and the registration of companies in Cyprus. Resident status permit.

Maro Pastou ConsultingDiscounts on consulting services in Cyprus

There is a flexible system of discounts for those who order a range of services as well as for the regular customers.

Experience – the key to success

The best guarantee for the success of your business is experience. Maro Pastou consulting company has been working in this business for 24 years, and had no rejections during  all this time! “The customer should always be satisfied with the services provided,” is her firm belief.

Maro Pastou consulting company in Cyprus will put your documents in order and save your valuable time!


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